Your Best Bets For Teeth Whitening

Your Best Bets For Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is becoming very popular among people who had to at one time make do with yellow teeth, is because now there are more affordable cosmetic procedures in the market today. Even if your teeth would not be defined as yellow, the teeth whitening procedures used today can make a big difference for you and they are not nearly as expensive as they used to be.

When you have white teeth you have a mouth that is fresh and healthy. Taking care of them means regular visits to the dentist, daily brushing and flossing will help you to maintain the health of your teeth. However there is a chance that will still need to have teeth whitening treatments due to stains from things like coffee and tea as well as the natural yellowing process that occurs with aging.

In generations past it was advocated to rub the teeth to make them shine. The idea was that the teeth had to be kept clean with no pieces of food being left there to rot. However, what they did not know was that continually rubbing the teeth would only cause the protective enamel layer to be rubbed off. This layer covers the dentine layer, which gives the teeth their natural color. When the semitransparent enamel is rubbed off then the teeth begin to yellow and change.

Normal and healthy teeth are going to be anywhere between ivory to creamish in color. Teeth begin to show discoloration due to a variety of reason such as negligence, not getting adequate dental care, having a diet that is lacking in proteins and calcium or even due to getting stained. Staining can be caused due to the intake of some drugs or heavy smoking. Some people have minor teeth discoloration due to medicines they took as children, which cured the childhood disease but at that time it was not known that teeth discoloration would be an unfortunate future side effect.

There are a number of ways to whiten the teeth. For home use you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to brush your teeth or purchase an over the counter whitening kit that is hydrogen peroxide in a gel formula or the dentist can provide you with an extra strength whitening gel. Both of these gel methods use formed teeth trays that are kept in the mouth for 30 or more minutes. Or you may opt for an in office teeth whitening treatments using laser procedures. Before a dentist will approve you for a laser procedure or even the gels that can only be obtained from a dentist office, you will be required to undergo a dental exam.

The teeth whitening process can take anywhere between 4 weeks to a number of months depending upon how discolored your teeth are and how much treatment, they can take, according to your dentist. Once the desired level of whiteness is attained, maintenance re-application is recommended to keep the teeth from discoloring again. It is normal for the gums to become a little sensitive during the whitening process, however extended use without dental supervision is not recommended.

So whether you want to go in for professional teeth whitening or just an off the shelf teeth whitening product, you need to look for something that is effective, affordable, and gives good results you are looking for. There are plenty of effective teeth bleaching products available on the market that will give you the smile you desire.

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