Writing for Professional Publication in National Refereed Journals by William Allan Kritsonis, PhD

Writing for Professional Publication in National Refereed Journals by William Allan Kritsonis, PhD

Writing for Professional Publication in National Refereed Journals


William Allan Kritsonis, PhD

Editor-in-Chief and Founder

National FORUM Journals (Since 1983)

Over 5,200 Professors Published



Professional reasons for writing for publication
Personal reasons for writing for publication
How real writers behave
Writer’s write for the following reasons
How to get started
What will “sell” the editor on your work?
Formula: Brilliant Ideas + Good Luck + Knowing the Right People = Publication
 On scholarly work
 Reasons to write and publish journal articles

10.  Writing and publishing journal articles enables you to…

11.  Three basic types of articles: practical – review or theoretical – research

12.  Quantitative Studies

13.  Qualitative Research

14.  On writing books

15.  Four phases of book publishing (Fun – Drudgery – Torture – Waiting)

16.  Some reasons to write a book

17.  Where does the dollar go after a book is published?

18.  What do editors and reviewers really want?

19.  Earning approval from editors and reviewers

20.  What to remember about bad writing

21.  How to get fired as a reviewer

22.  Publish or perish or teach or impeach

23.  I’ve been rejected many times – should I give up?

24.  In writing, how you read is important

25.  How teachable is writing?

26.  “I can’t seem to tell how my writing is going while I am doing it. Can you help?

27.  Remember your purpose in writing

28.  What differentiates ordinary writing from writing with style

29.  It must get somewhat easier to write, otherwise, how would some authors become so prolific?

30.  If writing for publication does not prove to be lucrative, why bother?

31.  Why creative work is worthwhile

32.  Show respect for your writing.  It is about what the readers should know.  If this puts a strain on a professional relationship, then so be it.

33.  “Why I Write” (Orwell) Sheer egoism, aesthetic enthusiasm, historical impulse, and political purpose.

34.  What really makes an academic write?

35.  The Writer’s Essential Tools – words and the power to face unpleasant facts.

36.  No human activity can sap the strength from body and life from spirit as much as writing in which one doesn’t believe.

37.  “Because it was there.” Edmund Hillary.  And with this comment he supplied generations with a ready-made and unanswerable defense for any new undertaking even writing.

38.  Why we write.

39.  Climbing Your Own Mountain

40.  Be yourself. Have fun writing.


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Dr. Kritsonis Recognized as Distinguished Alumnus In 2004, Dr. William Allan Kritsonis was recognized as the Central Washington University Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus for the College of Education and Professional Studies. Dr. Kritsonis was nominated by alumni, former students, friends, faculty, and staff. Final selection was made by the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Recipients are CWU graduates of 20 years or more and are recognized for achievement in their professional field and have made a positive contribution to society. For the second consecutive year, U.S. News and World Report placed Central Washington University among the top elite public institutions in the west. CWU was 12th on the list in the 2006 On-Line Education of “America’s Best Colleges.”

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