Women’s Rugby League

Women’s Rugby League
When heading off to college for the first time there is a serious sense of independence. You are finally off on your own! The chicken has flown from the coop! However, it is short lived when you realize that you are completely unfamiliar with your surroundings and have no friends or family to lean on for support when life gets difficult. It is important when first arriving to your new dorm to meet your neighbors. Remember, everyone is in the same boat as you, they are just as nervous and alone as you are.

You will quickly realize how easy it is to meet friends. When nobody has any choices but to leave their comfort zone, it is amazing how quickly new students will daringly walk the halls of their new dorm!

After a few months of getting to know the neighbors and the surroundings it is time to find some activities to do outside of class and hanging out with your neighbors. Many people take part in Greek life while others will join student organizations or intramural sports teams.

There are many intramural sports options on a college campus. There are basketball leagues, flag football leagues, hockey leagues, rowing, racing, swimmingyou name it, its probably an option. One option that is becoming more and more popular on college campuses around the country also has been women’s rugby league. This European sport has really picked up in American culture over the past couple of decades.

Rugby teams are a great way to meet people at your new school, and there is also a women’s rugby league. Check out the new women’s rugby league, it is a great workout and a really fun sport to learn how to play! Good luck at the new school, and dont forget you are there to learn and go to class!!

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