Will The Premiership Title Race Affect The Lions Campaign?

Will The Premiership Title Race Affect The Lions Campaign?

As the Premiership title race really starts to hot up there has been numerous voices of concern that the next four to five weeks will pay a large toll on the fitness of numerous football players, not least of those that play for Manchester United and Chelsea. (On the last check, Arsenal did not have any players playing for England).

Not only is this a tough part of the season with fixtures being played out almost twice a week but mentally, with so much at stake for many players it could provide a real spanner in the works for the England International team. Those that are also going for glory in the UEFA Champions League and perhap even the Europa league will have players almost physically exhausted by mid May.

This will however not affect only players from the England team but very much from every country that are going to be participating in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Some players have even been out of action for the main part of the season and whilst they may still have some battery power left in them, it will remain to be seen how some of these stars cope at the very highest level and against much better opponents that what they are usually up against in the lower tier competitions such as the Europa League.

They will not say it but players like Torres and Steven Gerrard are unlikely to put in the maximum full effort if they were to get to the Europa League final knowing that there would remain the possibility of missing out on a tournament that sheds its only light every four years.

The teams that perform far better than others in the next few months will surely provide a knock on affect to the |International teams and whilst it remains some way off yet, the chances of seeing a Champions league winner and a World Cup winner are very much still on the cards. The best online bookmakers currently have Spain as favourites for the World Cup and Barcelona as favourites for the Champions League. Can you spot the comparison?

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