WDTV Player Overview

WDTV Player Overview

In this article I’ll be discussing the Western Digital TV Live, which is a media player that connects to your HD TV and means that you can play HD content in either 720p or 1080p resolutions.

The first thing you’ll notice regarding the media player is its size, it’s tiny. You wouldn’t think this kind of small device could pack an extremely big punch, however it does. The media player has a remote control, and the necessary batteries, and its power adapter. Unfortunately a HD cable isn’t provided, so you’ll need to source this elsewhere.

Once you’ve connected the unit, and turned it on, you’ll notice a baby blue light on the front of the media player to signify that it’s on. When you change your TV’s channel to the media player’s channel, you’ll then notice the WD TV Live’s boot up screen. It’s displayed for roughly a matter of seconds, and it then changes to the main menu, where you can decide on a host of options including, video, music, photos and settings. The setting’s option allows you to customise your media player experience, helping you to change how files and folder are displayed, how and if your media player will hook up to a network, the language selection etc. Selecting the music option goes to the music menu, which enables you to open up files and folders which host any music files. The photo’s option takes you to the photo’s screen, and the video screen likewise.

You can easily connect your media to the WD TV Live player in numerous ways, from a USB stick which physically plugs into either or both of the media players USB ports, an external storage device which connects to the media player via a USB cable, or a network connection. A network connection permits you to connect your WD TV live media player to your network, and stream any music and videos in real time. This is the way mine is now setup, and it works faultlessly, no skipping, pausing, just a smooth playback. I’ve also tested playing videos and music using a USB stick or an external disk drive, and this also worked perfectly. Another possibility is the option of connecting the unit to your network via a wireless USB stick, but only some USB sticks are compatible, so you should look at the product’s home page on the manufacturer’s website to ensure it’ll work correctly.

HD movies are displayed beautifully on the WD TV live media player, and you’ve got all sorts of options during playback. You could choose whether to display the films built-in subtitles, and if so, what language. You are able to pause the film at any time, fast forward or rewind in single mode, x2, x4, x8 or x16, and you also have the option of skipping forwards or backwards in 10 minute intervals.

The WD TV media player is an excellent device that has worked faultlessly for me in my six months of ownership. It’s an excellent device for individuals who wish to elevate their home theatre, and because of its size and slick appearance, it’s guaranteed to look the part too.

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