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07:00pm. Supersport United VS Highlands Park FC. SOUTH AFRICA PREMIER SOCCER LEAGUE. X

Is There Any Sport More Popular Than Soccer?

Free Football Predictions For Today

The influence that football has had in various countries around the world cannot go unnoticed.

Football is not just a sport, it worshipped by fans all over the world.

Although people bet on different sports, soccer is one game that has highly contributed to the growth of betting markets in different parts of the world. In this internet age, online betting is becoming the new trend.

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Without a doubt, the game of football offers a lot of fun and entertainment, together with strong emotions to all lovers of the game.

What makes it more interesting is that bettors can make money from it.

They don’t just support and cheer their favourite teams; they also get to put their money where their love is.

This, however, is not easy, predicting a football game can be difficult and tedious.

Sometimes people don’t even know where to start, whether to look at statistics such as head-to-head and the previous games played to check the winning/loss percentage of teams.

A game of football can come with countless options and odds.

This can leave the player confused and not know which option to play or what odd to choose.

For example, when it comes to goals, they can be confused as to whether to play a game goal/goal, over/under 1.5 or 2.5, or no-goal.

Even so, people don’t like to lose money and so are open to tips and predictions especially when it comes from a credible source.

This is what football prediction site do or at least this we do at surestakes.com

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Although betting practices are not accepted in every country, betting on soccer has continually been on the rise.

While some people might be betting to win money, others do it for the fun of it.

The whole idea, however, is that these punters are out there trying to beat the bookmakers in their games.

The flexibility that comes with betting has not just made the game simplified but also entertaining.

You can relate it to watching a movie and at the same time, to trading a stock.

Just as you watch movies at home, in the cinema or with your tablets, you can watch your sports games at home, stadium or even on that iPad.

As you buy and sell stocks depending on market volatility, you can also place your bets and cash-out depending on how the game is playing out.

You can place a bet before a game starts or as the game is playing (live bet).

It is important to mention that betting just like every other business comes with its risk.

Just as money can be made from it, money can also be lost.

Hence, one needs to have a plan, before they start betting.

The strategy which one employs will determine the rate at which football predictions can be successful or not.

Even though football is quite unpredictable, we offer some strategies that if bettors follow, can enhance their chances of winning.

There are certain basic things that every bettor needs to know, especially for those that are beginners.

There is a lot of betting sites that offer betting tips, some free, while some requiring you to pay for it.

There are many sites that predict football matches correctly. Some of them are genuine, while a lot of them are fraudulent.

If you are already here, you don’t need to look somewhere else as you’ve found yourself a credible football prediction site.

We have a team dedicated to picking out sports bet and predictions for our everyday users.

We release everyday soccer tips for bettors with small bankrolls.

To put together these tips, we sometimes make use of calculated odds from bookmakers and also carry out the statistical analysis.

By visiting our soccer prediction page every day you will never be short of betting tips.

We offer a lot to bettors such as football forecast, game previews, statistics, and the day’s winning bet and a lot more.

Our tipsters are experts that dedicate their time to ensure the availability of sufficient information which serves as a head-start for bettors.

To get you going, here are some free tips already:

Study the team: every team has a past record such as their last 5 games, their win percentage and head-to-head record with the opposing team.

For example, when a team has lost its last 3 or 4 games, the bettor needs to give them much thought before selecting them to win their next game.

You need to know the key players in the team, their playing form and if they will be involved in the game you plan to bet on.

Factors such as how fit they are, if they are settled at the club, all play a role in their game performances.

Sometimes factors such as fatigue and stress can affect their performance.

When all these factors are considered, it puts the bettor in a better position to forecast their games.

A lot of bettors, however, do not have the means or the time to study games before placing their bets which is where we at Surestakes come in to help. If you are looking for the best football prediction site in the world, you are in the right place.

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With the tips and advice we offer, you will be able to make an informed decision while placing your bet.

There is a lot more you need to know such as the differing odds that the options carry and the reasons behind the sudden increase/decrease in game odds.

Visit our FAQ page to find more information and answers to your questions.

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