Tips Before Buying Ice Hockey Sticks

Tips Before Buying Ice Hockey Sticks
Ice Hockey is a popular sport in the snow covered regions of the world or the cold regions, where there are plenty of options to skate on that dense mat of ice and play hockey. The game is very similar to the normal hockey game, but the only difference is that players skate instead of run to play this game.

Ice Hockey sticks are the most important part of the game. The materials used to make these sticks are mainly wood, aluminium, graphite. Wooden sticks are much cheaper but don’t promise longer durability. But these wooden sticks are useful for the newcomers in this game.

Aluminium sticks are a bit costlier but are renowned for its long lasting durability. However, it’s important to know that an entire stick is not made up of aluminium. They are mainly used to build shafts in the stick that requires a blade to be used. Graphite or carbon sticks are mostly used nowadays due to its consistent easy flexing abilities. Though these are very popular among the players, but a major disadvantage of these sticks is their lesser durability because they break very easily.

So, if you love playing hockey and want to keep in your possession a good ice hockey stick, then let’s look down upon some of the attributes that you should examine before buying the stick:

Level Identification: Ice hockey sticks are generally divided into senior, intermediate or junior level. These denote the length and width of the ice hockey stick . Choose from the 3 levels the one that makes you comfortable to play the game.

Flex: The most important aspect to check in an ice hockey stick is “how much it flexes”. When you take any kind of shot with your ice hockey stick, it needs to flex. Also keep it in mind different types of flexes are available. Every manufacturer has a different flex rating system, but one thing stays true for all manufacturers; the higher the flex rating, the stiffer it is. So a stronger, heavier player would use a 100 flex, which is much stiffer than an 85 flex.

Manufacturer: Adidas, Ballistic, Nike Bauer, Kookaburra are some of the leading manufacturers of ice hockey sticks . Choose from them and also see which one suits your budget.

Specific Type and Hand: Whether you want a one piece composite stick or combined stick is entirely up to you. Check and consult the shop attendee to see which one best suits you. Also specify what handed player you are, i.e. left handed or right handed.

So, my friend if you are an ardent fan of ice hockey and want to play it with some great sticks then the above information may well be of some help to you.

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