The Basics to NFL Handicapping!

The Basics to NFL Handicapping!

Many people bet without really thinking about their choice. Some people based it on power ratings while some based it on the number of wins and losses. Others based it simply on their gut feel. However, you need to have a basic understanding on how NFL handicapping really works to be assured of the returns of your betting money.

There are a couple of things you should know, before going into football handicapping. First of all, keep in mind that there is no assurance that you will be successful, even if you go through every number and football game. There is still the element of luck when you’re betting, after all. All you can do is to increase your chances of winning, but you cannot predict how the football game will turn out every game. Plus, one major mistake is the belief that handicapping different sports are done the same way. Keep in mind that every sport has its own distinct aspects and inclinations, including college and pro versions of the sport.

There are several NFL handicapping services out there, and they improve your chances of succeeding when it comes to betting on the NFL football games. Take into account the public wagering action. If more than 75% of betting money comes from one team rather than the other, then usually it will balance out the spread of the game by adjusting the line slightly. Take note that if the line moves and odds makers have voiced no opinion, it means that they just want to even out the action.

If you yourself want to try your hand in handicapping football, do your homework. You have to understand that it takes hard work and determination to be successful in anything you do, which includes football handicapping. It takes several mind-boggling hours looking over numbers, stats, games, trends, injuries and power ratings to come up with a successful and accurate report.

It pays to know your numbers! The key to being successful is knowing and understanding numbers. Half of the NFL games end with only ten scoring differences. These numbers are: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 17. Usually, numbers 3 and 7 are the most likely endings. A 1/2 point move from any of the numbers can be noteworthy, so take note of these differences carefully.

Also, don’t let the bad days let you down. One bad NFL day won’t necessarily destroy the whole season. Do not look at results short term, but base it on the whole season. Everyone has losing days after all, it’s unavoidable especially in this kind of sport. Just don’t obsess over them too much and stay focused in your handicapping.

Handicapping the NFL is not as easy at it looks. Not everyone succeeds in this because most people do not have the skill, time and effort required for handicapping football. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way of NFL handicapping, only right and wrong predictions. It takes passion and the right attitude to be successful in this field.

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