Millions have been made from football betting, but you can say that even more has been lost.

For some betting is just for the fun and so they do not mind losing some money, after all, they are enjoying it.

For others, however, they are serious about it and are in it for business.

Some do it to make their every day extra cash to support their income.

These kinds of people are okay with just a little return on the money they might have staked.

Some, again, are looking for a reasonable staking power.

They stake a little money with the hope of getting something slightly bigger and then use whatever returns they get to stake for a much bigger win.

Others go for a big win in whatever way they can.

They hope on buying that fancy car, buying that dream house, starting that business or even meeting every other financial need from the win they hope to get from soccer bet.

To be able to do this, they need to win that big cheque and it is not going to come easy.

To do this they need to have a concrete plan and strategy.


You need to stick to what works for you.

This probably has to be after you have set out a plan and strategy and following it to the last.

This requires a lot of patience and not necessarily being swayed from one strategy to another because it worked at one time and then failed at another time.

It is important to mention that you will not always win due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the game.

Hence, tolerance is needed.

Patience is one trait many successful bettors have.

They do not just rush into every game and bet on it.

They take their time to bet on games they have considerably thought out and studied.

Value Bet as a Money Making Technique

They say numbers do not lie, but odds are fractions and decimals that are based on probabilities.

So sometimes, one can doubt these odds.

This is where value betting comes in.

Value bet has to deal with you feeling that the likelihood of one team winning or losing is better than what the odds say and you want to gain from it.

Imagine a game between a top team and a lesser team.

The top team is the favourite to win and the bookmakers will back them up and thus give them an odd that does not offer much return.

As a bettor, there is not much value in selecting the top team to win.

However, for some reason, you get a feeling that the top team will lose the game maybe because of some information you have.

For example, let us say Manchester United gets to play Huddersfield and maybe Manchester United has already won the league and Huddersfield is battling relegation.

The odds will probably say Manchester is going to win the match but you know that since they have won the league they do not have much to play for anymore.

Thus, there is good value in you backing Huddersfield to win at a very big odd.

Big odd means big money.

This is one very good technique of making money from football bet.

By checking, you can find bets with good value.

What Strategies Can Be Employed To Make Money?

There are some important points that need to be stressed out for potential gamblers that are applicable to every other moneymaking venture.

Here are the key ones:

  • Do not stake more than you are willing to lose
  • Do not try to recover your losses
  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and
  • Stick to the sport you know best

With that being said, there is no one key strategy to betting, but the point of this write-up is to make sure that bettors are winners.

What we at Surestakes do is that we make sure that our customers win more than they lose.

We do these by offering everyday tips and predictions.

So one good strategy we recommend to punters is that they should always look out for sure tips and predictions to make sure that they win bets.


Tricks and Picks

This is a tricky way to place a bet but some gamblers do it.

Sometimes it works out for them, sometimes it does not.

In addition, there is fun in doing it.

For example, a game between Brazil and Argentina can have the odds 2.20 for Brazil to win, 1.50 to draw and 2.50 for Argentina to win.

A gambler can stake #100 for Brazil to win and then replay the game and stake #100 for Argentina to win.

In total, the bettor has staked #200.

If Brazil wins, he gets #220, the profit being #20.

If Argentina wins, he gets #250, the profit being #50.

If the game, however, ends in a draw, he gets #150; the loss is only #50.

It now depends on how one sees his strategy, you can say he is being wise or you can say he is minimising his risk and being cautious.

The problem with this strategy, however, is that it does not make sense when the odds are low.

Imagine if the odds were 1.09 for Brazil to win and 1.15 for Argentina to win.


Staking on High Odds

Some gamblers already have the mindset that betting is a game of luck.

Some of them have bitter experiences of having lost a lot.

Today they stake on a low odd, lose, tomorrow they stake on a high odd, and still lose.

So if they have money they can afford to lose, while waste it on a low odd, they might as well stake it on a high odd.

It is like the saying “If you want to eat a frog, you might as well eat a big one.”

Notwithstanding, there are still some ways gamblers make money from high odds.

Here is an example:

If 10 games are selected that have high odds of 15.0 each and #100 is staked on each of them, it would have cost the bettor #1000.

However, it only takes one of those ten games to go as the bettor predicted and he would have made a return from his money.

Should the bettor win one of those bet at 15.0 odds, he would receive #1500.

By following us at, you will find tips on when it best to stake on high odds.