Soccer prediction sites are meant to help you make good predictions or improve your prediction skills so you can make profit on football betting.

Football just like any other game involves elements of luck and surprise.

No matter how prepared you are or the amount of follow-up you do for your team, there is always a possibility that things will go south for the team.

Football fans will tell you that this is the reason the ball is round.

Fans at the dome

Any side can end up at any players’ feet.

This means that a match can exceed your expectation in a good way or the other way round.

This is the element of surprise and luck in football betting.

Even if there is nothing you can do about the element of surprise and luck, you can reduce the possibilities of loss.

This is why you need a professional 3rd party football prediction website.

There are many betting prediction sites that can help you make wise betting decisions.

These sites are run by pros and experts of this niche.

They became experts by critically studying and analyzing different football matches for years.

They understand the terrain and can predict the likely outcome of different matches and they know how to spot, the different factors that can make a team come out on top or go south.

They consider factors like the match venue, the key players of the team, the team, the weather, the coach and many other factors.

They can also predict the formation for the next match with a likelihood of how the match will end.

Any football expert will always tell you one fact.

The odds can be tricky and that’s why it is called odds. They can predict the likely winner of a game will be but no one can guarantee 100% chance of a particular team winning.

Don’t let this debar you from staking your bet. You still stand a chance of making a huge chunk of profit through football betting. All you need to do is reduce your risks.

This is what both punters and pros refer to as spread betting and it is one out of the many methods of betting.

There are other methods that can help you. Some of them include,

Value Betting

This method of betting focuses strictly on bets that are available. Expert tipsters can tell you where to find value bets and the exact time to place them.

This is exactly what we do at Surestakes, we can predict the best place to stake your money and the right time to do it.

If you don’t do this at the right time or stake your bet on the right game, you might increase your chance of losing.

Planning Your Bets

Another simple method that can increase your chance of winning is planning. There is a wise saying that if you fail to plan then you are simply planning to fail. This is what punters who make a lot of profit from betting do and it works for them.

You need a functional plan that will protect your money and at the same time increase your winning chances. No matter how much you love football or enjoy this sport, you need to plan.

There are people who didn’t plan. They went in head-on and they lost a lot of money and never recovered from it.

At Surestakes, we provide our subscribers with a workable plan and winning strategy.

Fast Track

With fast track you will be able to track your results as quickly as possible (just as the name suggests). When you track your results, you can trace what is working and what is not. This will help improve your future bets and ensure better wins.

At Surestakes, we keep a record of past predictions. We never hide our results or manipulate bets that have failed. We keep this straight so our subscribers can look into the past and see our evolution and how we have tried to improve our services.


First, you need to keep in mind that each team has different records and history.

You need to monitor how they have performed in recent games. You need to know their best players’ arrangement.

As you know that players cannot always continue to outperform. They are not robots.

A lot of factors can affect their performance.

By putting all these factors into play, you can accurately predict the performance of the team and the outcome of the match.

Other important thing to look out for is to spot which teams that have recently experienced a winning streak.

If the team you want to bet on, has lost 2 to 3 games in a row, then you need to think twice before placing a bet on them.

Perhaps betting on a team with better prospects will give you better result.

If you don’t have the time to research yourself, you should find a good football predictions site.

Predictions site can be very helpful since they give valuable information that will help increase your chances of winning.

Lastly you need to understand how money management works.

Do a google search on protecting your bankroll.

If you are looking for the best football prediction site in the world, you can try our free tips for a start.

We also post some tips on our homepage. We just want to help punters everywhere make good profit from a game we all love so much!