Play “little tricks”

Play “little tricks”

In golf game, there is no despicable deception, even if the referee is not in the scene, never “fight”incident, and rarely have “illegal ” impede or block of the game. The campaign has been a most elegant manner almost, if anyone attempts  to influence the opponents or teammates by some “little tricks”, whether this impact is positive or negative, maybe he violated the rules of golf.

Recently, USGA for players to play how they affect the behavior of peer competition was investigated and resolved to golf etiquette and rules of these derivatives of the implementation of certain sanctions. Even with clear rules, but it does not mean that players have no way to interfere with their opponents at the same time they can “get out. ” Smart players can still find a legal way to psychedelic opponents.

The most difficult part is to determine which rules of behavior is permissible and what is not. Accused a player is definitely not a trivial etiquette do not speak, because only the Rules Committee has the power to impose penalties. Therefore, when you encounter a similar unpleasant situation, obviously intentionally interfere with opponents, the player must first determine whether there is intent to do so. When the dispute, the need for a ruling.

If these describe your style somewhat similar course, then you need to pay attention. Compliance with golf etiquette is the foundation of all players to compete, this is part of the rules of golf, especially for young golfers, as they are to maintain the fine tradition of golf the key.

Improper conduct should never be a golf course features, improve the golf rules constantly will make each players play golf following the rules of play and respect golf enthusiasts. Golf is always an elegant and civilized sport which players And viewers are pleasant health movement.


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