Football draws hundreds of millions of fans from different countries in different continents all around the globe and a good number of these fans are into football betting.

If you are a new to sports betting, one of the easiest ways to profit without making so much losses is to get an accurate soccer prediction service.

Finding sites that provide accurate football prediction cannot be over-emphasized. If you have ever placed a bet, you will understand that predicting match outcomes accurately is no joke.

It sounds easy, until you try it and lose your hard earned money. But it’s not all bad newbies and you can cut down on your learning curve by adhering to the principles I will share in this article.

newbie football betting tips

Pick a Team

The first question thing you need to decide is the team you want to bet on.

Knowing the team and sticking to it, is critical because you have an idea of how the team runs.

There are people who believe that following a team or staying as a fan should not be brought into betting.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you are a fan of a team, it means that following the team is a hobby and increases your chance or learning more about the team.

If you are a PSG fan, you would have seen their action in recent times so it will be easy for you to talk about them and know what they are up to. This is why it is advisable to start betting on the team you follow before proceeding to other teams.

Anything can happen

Change in constant in sports betting. In a few seconds or a few minutes, an injury can happen, the winning team may concede a few goals and then they lose or the opposing team can be awarded a penalty.

So you have to always be prepared for surprises everywhere and every time. One sudden move can destroy your ticket and make you loose a lot of money.

This is why and where you need a 3rd party football prediction site like ours.

At, we analyze the circumstances that can lead to a fluctuation in the odds. The suggestions and opinion we proffer will help you bet on the right team.

Mix Your Bets

For football we have different categories for the different leagues; we have different bets for the European Leagues, the Asian leagues and all other leagues.

Since we offer many options, you will need to choose the right one that can increase your chance of winning your bet.

Some punters open several accounts with various bets so they can have more chances to leverage the odds. This is a smart move.

Opening several accounts with different books will give you more options to choose from the different games available. Multiple accounts are advisable for the sake of your bankroll.

Where we come in

Subscribing for our football predictions will give you the edge. We not only offer very accurate soccer predictions but we also have a super customer service team on stand by.

You can ask your questions and communicate with us through email, live chat or speak with them on our hotline.

The Plan

Start small and simple. Don’t stake so much at once because a huge loss for a newbie can discourage you from betting. Play safe and don’t go borrowing, rather, bet with what you have.

Stick to the basic rules and stay away from anything you don’t understand; it is better to begin with basic steps and simple bets.

It doesn’t rake in too much profit, but you are protected from huge losses and gives you a good foundation as a punter.

If you follow these rules you will become a pro in football and sports betting and if you are consistent with it you could make a killing in no time. There are different changes that take place daily so there is always something to learn.

You can also learn more by gathering information from the internet.

The challenge with getting information on the internet is that many sites do not update their information regularly so the information might be stale.

When reading up on soccer predictions you must ensure that the information is provided by experts who have an abundance of experience in the football betting niche.

The challenge here again is that some of the self-acclaimed betting experts may also have limited experience and it may take too long with too many losses to determine who is real or not.

The difference between the self-acclaimed experts and the pro’s like us is that we are good at what we do. We breathe and live football predictions and we will be here as long as soccer betting exists.

If you decide to stick with us, you are guaranteed the right information.

You can be sure that the information you gain from us will help you win.

The betting tips we proffer are based on football predictions that we draw from careful studying of matches to get the statistical and mathematical models that will be used to analyze the matches.

So if you are betting for pleasure or you are betting to earn yourself a status or you are betting to make money, we advise that you stick with us because you have a better chance of making profit.

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