The new way of betting

If you don’t know the new way, you might be missing out on a lot of stuff. Heard of 1xbet? Well, now you have…

You know the old betting platforms like nairabet, bet9ja, and the likes… and you know their flaws like bad web design, payment issues etc.

Let’s discussing what separates 1xbet from the rest, and be warned, this might be your “ha ha” moment

⦁ The first thing you’ll notice when you reach this website is the design, it looks so beautiful and works so smoothly that it’ll “enhance your prediction skills”. The website is also data-friendly and it’s optimized for easy usage.

⦁ The ⦁ 100% bonus. This one has been done by bet9ja but 1xbet put a twist on it – sometimes you may get a lucky 130% bonus.

⦁ Talking about ⦁ odds, fabulous is the only word to use. Because they are new compared to other established platforms, they compete by giving the ⦁ best and highest odds. Example of Juventus vs Tottenham is below.

⦁ Superfast payout – This thing annoys every better, when you try to make a withdrawal and then you have to wait two days with your fingers crossed. Some websites even remove the cashout button temporarily. None of this has happened before on 1xbet, the average withdrawal time for which you’ll even get bank alert is 10min.

⦁ No withdrawal limit – Why this is done by other bookmakers is just unknown. Money holding is the only fitted phrase for it. 1xbet does not have withdrawal limit and this reason alone is enough to change sides to 1xbet.

If you have questions or further inquiries, there is a 24-hours customer support on the website that’ll answer to your satisfaction. ⦁ Click here to register and get your 100% bonus

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