New Acer IT Product Division

New Acer IT Product Division

Acer’s plans in 2010 aimed, seemingly, and marketing of future operating system from Google. Thus, somewhere in July-September, is rumored that there will be a mini laptop from Acer equipped with Chrome. Jim Wong, president of Acer IT products division, which is the announced intention of being the first company that delivers mini laptops with the operating system Chrome. Moreover, after release of the first gadget, Chrome will find at least 10% of mini-laptops of Acer products – are 1 million of the 12-15 million of netbooks that Acer plans to sell this year . After those from Acer, came among those from Samsung to announce a future mini laptop that is based on operating system Google Chrome.

Phil Newton, head of Samsung IT Australia, who was confirmed future mini laptop, in a not so distant future. He was the one who then offered few details about the laptop. It seems that the mini laptop will have a Korean manufacturer of the 10.1 inch display, 2 GB RAM, storage space and at least 64 GB 3G and WiFi connections. The battery such as Acer BTP-APJ1 Battery, Acer BTP-AQJ1 Battery and  Acer BTP-ARJ1 Battery could reach a range of about 12 o’clock, which sounds promising. Although not confirmed, mini laptop with Chrome operating system from Samsung will most likely Qualcomm Snapdragon processor at 1.5 GHz or an Intel Atom Pineview. In terms of design, netbok site will resemble the current Nokia N210.

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system created by Google that works exclusively with web applications. It was announced on July 7, 2009, but will be available until the middle of 2010. It’s based on Linux and is addressed to those users who are primarily interested in browsing, because it is based only on two applications: a browser with a built-in media player. It is therefore especially designed for mini laptops. In terms of design, will resemble the current Google Chrome browser.

Kept secret from curious eyes, it seems that Google’s new OS escaped the Internet and public screenshot few sites (via video camera) with the new Chrome Google’s OS. Google has rethought the concept of OS, such as new Chrome OS is a open source operating system, which does not require too many resources and is clearly addressed to holders of netbooks. Order new Google product will be made available to developers in the coming months, and the first notebooks with Chrome on board will arrive on the market in the second half of 2010.

The main purpose of this OS is to be extremely user-friendly, very safe and allow the user to enter the website just a few seconds of start up. Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 faces, and on the ARM and Google currently working with several OEMs to launch new notebooks with embedded software.

Software architecture is simple and Chrome runs using a new system of windows, back with a Linux kernel. For developers of applications, the web is the platform itself, so that software created by them will be web based and written using the most popular web technologies. Obviously, these applications will run and on Windows, Mac and Linux. Note that the OS Android and Chrome are 2 separate products and it is interesting to think that some people will have to choose between the 2, Android behaving quite OK and the netbooks.

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