Military Injury

Military Injury

Our armed forces are out there fighting for our country and when they get injured and can’t work anymore because of that injury there is not enough help for them. The amount of compensation some of them receive is way below what they should receive.

I believe there should be more help for the injured and I believe they should receive a decent amount of money for an injury, depending on how serious it is. That’s why now Military Injury Claims is a big part of solicitors jobs because of how much can be made from these cases.

I agree its a big part. I have been researching claims solicitors handle and they come in many types of cases:

* Injuries sustained on active service
* Injuries sustained on non-active service
* Parachuting
* Training Exercises
* Defective Equipment
* Mountaineering
* Post Traumatic Stress
* War Wounds
* Aviation
* Surface And Underwater
* Weapons
* Explosive Devices

You are entitled to make a claim for military injury compensation for an injury sustained as a result of service.

The normal rules relating to employers’ liability also apply to the MOD, and members of HM Forces still have the option to sue the MOD for negligence if they believe the MOD, as their employer, has acted negligently – e.g in failing to supply adequate or proper equipment.

The amount of compensation received depends upon whether your claim is made under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, or whether you are pursuing a claim for negligence against the MOD.


The level of awards under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme is based on a tariff which lists the injuries for which compensation may be paid.


The amount of compensation received if pursuing a claim of negligence depends upon how serious your injuries are and what other losses you have incurred, including

* Future financial losses including loss of earnings, loss of promotion etc.
* Travel to and from medical appointments
* Any medication
* Care given by members of your family or others
* Damage caused to any of your personal effects

There are many other items for which you are entitled to claim compensation, including damages to compensate for having to give up a job you enjoy because of your injuries.

As I have found out and stated above their is a lot to be done due to that solicitors have to argue for more compensation for people who have were giving their life for this country and when something goes wrong their not their to support them

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