Magath, Bayern Title Race Optimistic

Magath, Bayern Title Race Optimistic

The war which has been closed for a month is starting again in this winter. For Bayern Munich, they have to make great efforts on point’s difference back to the great big effort. As the number of players for the World Cup in South Africa, from Bayern with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop this season very poor condition, with piglets in the first round of the tradition after the match against VfL Wolfsburg FC Bayern until the fifth inning Van Buyten Tradition only receive a second of the season to win. Downturn Bayern start, but Dortmund in the Bundesliga Central swollen Keluo Pu, with the exception of the defeat in the first round at home against Bayer Leverkusen and defeat in the semi-final in Frankfurt over the remaining division, fifteen of fourteen amazing win record. Overall, 43 points of intrigue Dortmund Bayern Munich with the Football National Teams has been got in the race to 14 points.

“In the Bundesliga, nothing is impossible!” Van Gaal has a number of team lost in Mainz and Borussia Dortmund to say that in the heart of the Dutch coach, Bayern won the Bundesliga this season, not a dream. Schalke coach Felix Magath before your eyes.

In an interview with “kicker” interview, the face of questions about the league champion last season, Bayern were leading, but was reversed by 7 points, is good at the same time recognize the former Bayern coach Borussia Dortmund, but also on expression in her mind, or are champions FC Bayern. “Dortmund will have a good chance of winning, but in my head is still champion Bayern”

Bundesliga this season before the start of Schalke Magath was once considered the most likely impact of the hegemony of Germany Bayern Munich, but focus a large number of signatures in the Champions League with the shirt  and the team that matter be traveling half Schalke finished with 22 points behind just after the first 10, almost half points only Dortmund.

Schalke championship dreams for long burst, and then focus on advances in the Champions League would be a better choice. Beating the group stage for the group of Lyon Schalke, he won in Champions League 1 / 8 to a much better position. “We were beaten 3-0 at Lyon, and then we can: The draw in Zurich, Schalke also managed to avoid the clubs of Milan, Arsenal, Valencia, for their opponents, Magath confident of Schalke with the same result.”

As for the league, a proposed two-year program Magath: “Champions League for the team’s finances, the team with the Bayern Munchen Football Shirt can make a positive cycle of the power, I foresee two years of lead become champions Germany face Schalke.

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