Injury Claims

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Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can be taken up by single law practitioners, or a team of lawyers, working in a law firm. A single lawyer working on their own will be more likely to take up a small case, and may cost less as they do not incur the large overheads that may occur with a large firm.

A small law firm will most likely consist of 2 to 10 lawyers, with varying interests and expertise in various aspects of personal injury claims. This will allow a wide ranging and thorough case to be made on your behalf, especially when compared with a single, self employed lawyer working alone. A midsized firm will consist of roughly 10 to 50 lawyers, and may even have some lawyers that are specifically trained to work purely on personal injury claims. A large firm will consist of over 50 lawyers and will most likely have a good reputation as they will have been in existence for a long period of time, in order to grow to such a size.

Personal Injury Claims count as something called “general damages” for loss of earnings or general discomfort caused by the injury. There is generally a long line of pre existing precedent for many cases, as it is sadly often the case of a situation repeating itself in different areas or workplaces. There are a few main factors to consider when making a claim, relating to how much compensation you will be able to claim for:

Your age

The younger you are, the more likely you will be able to make a successful and considerable claim. Generally, minors will be able to claim more due to their young age.


While this is not often an issue, some courts will take the stance that in cases of disfigurement or physical scarring, a female will suffer more than a male, with the social reaction to a scarred male being relatively accepting, whereas a scarred woman less so.

Type of injury

If injuries are particularly severe, it is advisable to employ a highly qualified lawyer, as compensation amount can be large and vary greatly. Conversely, small or minor injuries can often be handled by all types and levels of lawyer; these may include low level whiplash, bruising and scrapes.


It is very important to ascertain who is at fault for the accident or injury, to be sure of how much compensation is due, and from whom. For accidents of the road traffic variety, this can be easier to do, due to the impact between cars and such things. However, in situations where liability is questionable, it can be hard to obtain a fair amount of compensation, if any at all.

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