Half Marathon Running?

Half Marathon Running?

A small update from the injured runner: I am up to walking about 3 miles in an hour. I walk much slower than I used to but it’s nice to get outside and walk with my dog (4 year old Springer Spaniel, Maggie). There is one small, yet significant detail I wasn’t at all prepared for…MUSCLE PAIN! I haven’t felt tired muscles in such a long time, especially in my feet. I have a new found love and appreciation for The Stick and my foam roller. I can definitely see now how many people can get discouraged and don’t get back into running.

I, however, have a deadline. As soon as I heard about the Safari Park Half Marathon (March 13, 2011) I immediately signed up. I knew that I wouldn’t be quite ready for a full marathon by then, but a half sounded feasible. As part of my motivation, I designed a resistance training program for myself as well as a running schedule that will begin as soon as my body tells me it is (along with heeding advice from the pro’s).

I saw someone running early this morning. He looked so happy to be trotting along the foggy trail near my house. I was jealous and, for the first time, elated knowing that soon that will be me. My advice to anyone who is injured is not to give up. Listen to the docs first, but don’t give up. Do the work, the PT exercises that are given to you aren’t just for your amusement, they are meant to get you back to life. I also suggest to set realistic expectations. It’s helped me a lot to think about the days ahead with hope, but not conviction. I don’t super upset if I don’t complete a walk or a workout feeling exactly how I would hope, but I try to see the benefit. It’s very discouraging to be so tired from only walking a few miles when I used to be able to run many hours at a time, but this is where I am right now, so this is what I’ll do to get where I want to be.

I’m very excited to be running the Safari Park Half in March. I’m also very excited that soon after that (mid April), SDRI will put on a trail half marathon. There is nothing but good to come with the New Year. If you’re planning on starting a running program, come by the store for some ideas or to get more information about our Half Marathon Training Group.

See you all out there!!! RUN!!!! ENJOY!!!

Dr. Runco is a U.S. Navy and Gulf War Veteran. Graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic he began private practice in San Diego in 2000. He has been a professor of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics at various colleges and continues to teach continuing education in the fields of rehabilitation, custom orthotics and athletic taping. He is also a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  He is also an orthopedic doctor that specializes in treating foot injuries and problems.

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