Half a battlefield report: Arsenal 1-0 Theo Walcott scored Wigan

Half time score
by Ian D

Half a battlefield report: Arsenal 1-0 Theo Walcott scored Wigan

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Beijing April 18 evening, the first 35 Premier League continues. Arsenal away to Wigan, first half goals single-handedly personal breakthrough Walcott, Arsenal a 1-0 lead.

4 minutes, with continuous Wigan, Moreno right-sided cross, Watson sent forward pass, volley Rhoda Laijia the restricted area was hit high. 9 minutes, Clichy direct free kick hit the ball low and flat door, but lack of strength goalkeeper Kirkland ball confiscated. Wigan back, Watson was Sylvester Zhisai through his foot, and restricted the right of long-range Enzo Shakespeare play high.

12 minutes, Walcott hit back on the right arm in the pop-up pass the bottom line, the referee refused to give a penalty, Arsenal reached the far point on the right corner, low shot hit the door of the Turner is back on line before the door he denied . After 1 minute, Walcott long-range wide of the right stick to the bottom line.

The first 23 minutes, Walcott restricted free kick pass, after Campbell nodded Qiangdian near post header from corner. After 1 minute, Enzo Shakespeare long-range, Fabianski ball confiscated. 32 minutes, Eastbourne Richmond forward pass, Walcott on the right break into the restricted area, Kirkland has chosen to single-handedly face the ball high cross teammates, the result is damaged, an opportunity wasted.

35 minutes, stopping the return of the Turner, Tomas Rosicky before the long-range ball break to the restricted area, Kirkland received the ball. 41 minutes, the Turner Field Road before the forward pass, Walcott speed advantage from the use of between two guards killed, robbed in Kirkland to attack the ball fell to the ground before the kicker the ball from the goalkeeper into the gate arm, Arsenal 1-0 lead.

43 minutes, Theo Walcott making a comeback on the right front to steal into the restricted area after the change, he missed a little kicker hit the far corner. 45 minutes, Bramble received a kick on the top side the restricted area of a lot of header. Arsenal half a goal lead.

Wigan (442): Kirkland / Melchiot, Bramble, Gehuo years, Figueroa / Diya Mei, Watson, McCarthy, Enzo Shakespeare / Moreno, Rhoda Laijia

Arsenal (433): Fabianski / Sarnia, Campbell, Silvestre, Clichy / Eastbourne Richmond, Diaby, Nasri / Walcott, Bendtner, Tomas Rosicky

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