Great ?actors? in football

Great ?actors? in football

World Cup is renowned as the world’s most attractive football tournament. The tournament is not only the field for footballers to show up their refined skills but it has also witnessed cheating skills by witty players. Pretending to fall, rolling on the field shouting in pain, they are not only good at football but also excellent at acting.


Slaven Bilic, Croatia – France, 1998


Slaven Bilic is one of the most impressive players of Croatia in World Cup 1998. However he was renowned as a good “actor. Laurent Blanc was the victim to receive a red card after Bilic covered his face rolling on the field in pain.


Gilardino, Celtic – AC Milan, 2007


Not all “actor” succeeded in his acting. Gilardino in the match between Milan and Celtic in the 1/8 round at Champion League 06/07 had to received a yellow card when he pretended to fall. This fall is regarded as the most stupid pretence since the defence of Celtic was meters away from him then.


Norbert Meier and Albert Streit, 2005


Norbert Meier was once a player for Germany national football team. After “hanging shoes,” he tried his strength to become a coach. His coaching had nothing special except the event that he was banned for 3 month coaching by the German football federation when they reviewed the videotape in which Meier acted when approaching Albert Streit of Cologne.


Roberto Rojas, Brazil – Chile, Elimination round for World Cup 1990


In the elimination match for World Cup 1990, Roberto Rojas splitting his face himself by a razor hidden in his glove. FIFA after that banned Rojas playing forever.


Rivaldo, Brazil – Turkey, 2002


This Brazilian striker has left stains in his career when “acting” in the match between Brazil and Turkey in the World Cup in 2002. He holding his head and rolled on the field pretending to be painful while the ball just hit his knee.


Kader Keita, Ivory Coast – Brazil, 2010


In the second half against Ivory Coast, Kaka had to receive the second yellow card colliding with Kader Keita phase. This 28-year-old striker held his face and rolled in pain as if he had been hit. But actually Kaka’s arm just beat his chest not his face.


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