Give Fear The Boot

Give Fear The Boot

The fear of poverty is one of the worst inauthentic fear. It can be a monstrous ghost paralyzing your faculty of reason. It will undermine self reliance, change your personality, make self control disappear and destroy many of the virtues needed to overcome and banish this phantasm from your mind. It is one of the strongest basic fears, and therefore one of the most destructive because it feeds on itself.

This fear is characterized by many symptoms, some of which can be: procrastination, lack of self reliance, lack of ambition, self doubt, negative thinking and worrying, indecision, and indifference. You can see how all of these “symptoms” link to each other.

Because we are human we are by nature susceptible to all the basic fears, and we need to recognize that fact and build our defenses to protect against these fears. It will take courage and deep self-analysis to uncover and admit to having these negative symptoms, but once admitted the process needed to banish all of them is totally in your control.

To gain control of your fears, you can start by closing your mind to negative impulses. Recognize that you, and you alone can determine your fate. Remember your state of mind is subject to control. Every single person has the ability to control his/her own mind completely. and by taking control can completely eliminate all negative impulses. Give yourself you own stimulus package through auto-suggestion.

Carry only healthy positive motivational thoughts in your mind. Make a decision not to worry about money, worrying will not increase your fortune it will only make you sick. You must be persistent and true to yourself before you can affect any changes. Another way to gain control is to stay away from negative people. They are easy to spot as they never stop complaining about everything. Try to respond to all situations in a positive way. When you awake in the morning, choose to be happy. It’s your choice, you wear the boots!

Here is a favorite quote for inspiration:

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~~Francis of Assisi

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