Football (also known as soccer) is inarguably one of the most popular sports in the whole world. A large number of people from all over the world, watch and/or participate in these games and the popularity has increased exponentially over the years.

The outcome of these games, before they are played, can be anyone’s guess, but there are people who like to think that, with some reasonable research and gathered knowledge, as well as familiarity with the game and how it is played as well as the rules involved, they would be able to predict these outcomes with a reasonable level of precision.

This phenomenon has led to people staking valuables and other items on these predicted outcomes with the hopes of reaping the reward for getting the prediction right.

This phenomenon of sports betting is not new and has been around for a long time. Aside from football, other sports are also bet upon by the fans and those looking to make a quick buck from the game and their ability to make fairly accurate predictions.

With advancements in technology, online betting has become more popular.

These days, one can hardly look anywhere sports related and a lot of times, non-sports related online, without seeing an advert or two concerning betting sites as well as various online sports books, complete with special offers for each one.

Online betting has seen a rapid increase in popularity due to its fluidity and convenience.

However, while online sports betting has become very popular in the last few years, it has not completely replaced the traditional style of sports betting done in bet shops.

Just in the Nigeria, there are about 9000 betting shops still functioning at proper capacity, a situation which testifies to the fact that physical betting in bet shops are still very popular.


Most people who gamble know what bet shops are, however, on the off chance that you do not, a betting shop can simply be described as anywhere where one can place a bet legally physically, with a booker who has a valid license, often known as a bookie.

These bet shops could be of varying sizes and have different components inside, but they must be legal and must avail you with a wide range of options to bet on among other things. Betting in a betting shop will require you to fill a slip which will indicate the games you intend to bet on, the predictions as well as the amount being placed on the bet.

Those who have never been in a betting shop before may oftentimes be intimidated or uninspired by the thought of being seen in a place known for gambling, however, in reality, these establishments are often times respectable.

There are some common features in bet shops which one may look out for. Usually, there would be listings for horse racing pinned to noticeboards or to the walls of the shop, allowing patrons to scan through and make their decisions. Bet shops also feature huge, solid TV screens which show up-to-date information pertaining to sports as well as live sports games.

One may also find machines to help you play the game or to help you find out further information before placing your bet. Tables and chairs to afford you some comfort while you make your stake will also usually be available and you will oftentimes be furnished with betting slips of various kinds located in different holders placed strategically all over the shop.

In bet shops, there is usually a glass or plastic fronted desk behind which one can find staff who are there to take the bets you have decided on and to pay out the winnings you may get at the end of the day.


When placing a football bet, one needs to make informed decisions to increase the chances of winning. When in a betting shop, it is important to find out the section which has been set aside for football. The staff would only be too eager to provide this information.

At this location, one would be furnished with betting slips as well as posters with valuable information on special bet offers available at the time. As soon as you find the bet slips, you can then select the one or ones, which reflect the types of bets you may be interested in. Some of these may include, accumulators, both teams to score and so on.

The names of these slips may differ from one bet shop to another, but they promote the same kind of betting. In many bet shops, one would also be allowed to fill out blank slips which feature bets which the betting shop may not have represented with their available bet slips.


Sadly, most bet shops will expect that patrons already have in mind the team to choose before arriving at the betting shop and will not provide statistics or in many cases, even internet access to help you check.

For this reason, one could take the bet slip, and fill at a later time after proper research, or one could simply take a device with which one can check the required statistics.

A simpler way would be to subscribe with a site that predicts football matches correctly.


Filling the betting slip properly is integral to placing a valid bet. It is not as complicated a procedure as some people are wont to think.

These slips usually come with easy to understand instructions telling you how to fill the slips. You will be told where a cross, line or mark is required to select the betting option or the bet type. Many betting slips even provide boxes which can be ticked to indicate how much is being staked.

Filling a blank betting slip will require more concentration as one would usually be required to be absolutely clear on the type of bet not offered by the shop that is being made. The odds applicable to the bets you intend to make will be provided by the staff and other questions can be put across to them for good answers.

As soon as the bet slip is filled, it is then required that you submit it to the betting shop’s cashier who will place the bet for you, collect the money being staked and give you a receipt as evidence of a completed transaction.

It is important that you hang on to the receipt as it will be integral to your collecting your winnings if any, at the end of the day. Without it, you may be unable to get the winnings.


If your football predictions all come to pass, redeeming your winnings is easy. All you would be required to do would be to present the winning slip at the betting shop and as soon as it is confirmed, the cashier will hand over the money you are due.

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