FIFA rules developed three new-style C Lo eat yellow card penalty kick method

Penalty kick
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FIFA rules developed three new-style C Lo eat yellow card penalty kick method

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FIFA on May 18 held a Council, said after the FIFA Secretary General Walker After discussion, it was in the following three important issues to reach a consensus.

FIFA announced the new rules

First, FIFA may voluntarily apply for trial on all continents five referees. “We want to keep only one referee on the pitch the principle, but we also want to see whether additional assistant referees help the referee make the right play the role of judge. The next two seasons will be a trial period, but this (using the five judges) just an option, not mandatory, all continents FIFA and national associations to decide whether to adopt. this season in the European Cup we have experimented with five judges on the practice, but only 205 games, compared to the whole world this is not a large number of football, so we can not determine the effect of this practice is good or bad. The meeting reached a general consensus that this approach requires further testing, so we approved In the broader context of the pilot program. In addition to the five continents UEFA UEFA have access to test opportunities. “However, there are additional provisions of this resolution, no matter which of events to take five referees approach must be adopted throughout from start to finish, not several, in a race with five judges sometimes and sometimes not.

The second is to expand the scope of the fourth official duties. “The major change is the fourth official can now be fined directly involved in the game, when he saw the pitch there have been some notable cases, you can directly inform the referee, so the fourth official the power to expand a lot, and now he has the same powers with the assistant referee. Of course, the referee is still the final decision of the court who all fine. “

Third, the penalty provisions of the players in the future if a player intentionally pauses before the penalty kick to pretend play, such as making saves from goalkeeper to play in another direction and then change the behavior will be considered and the quest for yellow card fouls. This is C Ronaldo, Luis Figo penalty and other stars like to play tricks, but now they have to change tactics.

“This morning we saw a number of penalty kicks in the video, apparently this practice is unfair. Some of the players after the run-up to pretend to play, until the keeper toward one direction, he then passed the ball to another direction, which a practice contrary to sports ethics, and should therefore be a penalty. although it must be noted that we are talking about the kind of “stop and pretend play, and then shot” situation, as some hesitation before kicking a penalty or it is stopped but did not act to pretend to shoot the action is not included. Therefore, we will ensure that during the World Cup referees, players and coaches fully understand the new rules. “

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