Imagine starting out as a chemistry student and you needing to know the first 20 elements.

The basics of football betting is a lot easier, which means it doesn’t require you knowing much before you can start betting.

With the attractiveness of football from across the globe, it is safe to say that a huge number of people already know one or two things about football.

Football prediction and analysis for newbies

That being said, since a lot of people know football already, betting on it would not be a huge task.

A visit to a betting shop or an online betting market reveals the preferential treatment that is given to football.

It gets more of the attention even though there are some other sports that bettors can select.

This is easy to figure out, as already a lot of information provided by bookmakers is mostly about soccer.

To begin any betting activity, the potential bettor needs to find a bookmaker first, and then a preferred medium.

At, you will find a list of top bookmakers and reviews we have already written about them.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to bet online or visit their local shop to do it on paper.


The Basics

In a football game, there are two teams facing each other.

There are different markets presented by bookmakers under which bettors can decide to enter.

Each match under different markets has odds that have been attached to them.

These odds are calculated based on probability, ratings, and strength of the teams that are playing against each other.

With the odds presented under the different markets, bettors can tell the relative strength of the team.

With the odds too, bettors can calculate their potential winning by simple multiplication.

An example makes this clearer.

Let us pick a game from the premier league, say a match between Arsenal and Leicester City.

A bettor can enter the win/draw/lose market and find odds like 1.20/1.80/2.5.

It simply means that the odd for an Arsenal win is 1.20, to draw – 1.80 and to lose – 2.50.

Since Arsenal is given a lower odd to win, it is perceived that Arsenal is a stronger team and that a win is the most likely result.

It also means that a bettor can calculate their potential winning depending on the amount they decide to stake on the game.

If 1000 is staked for Arsenal to win, it means that the potential amount to be won should the game go as anticipated is 1000 *1.20 = 1200.

For bettors that love to take a higher risk, they can stake their amount on Arsenal losing with the potential amount to be won being 1000*2.50 = 2500.

Now that is the basics.

why you need a football prediction site

The higher the odds selected, the higher the risks and the potential amount to be won.

The potential amount to be won is a simple maths of multiplying the odds by your stake amount.

It is up to the bettor to stake big or small whether it is for the fun of it or for making some money from it.

Selecting a game and choosing a team to win, lose or draw is betting in its most basic and simple form.

However, there are a lot more options that bettors can choose from as they begin to gain more experience and confidence.

Once bettors have familiarised with the understanding and reading of odds, they have gone past the basics and can begin to grow.

They might no longer place a bet on the rudimentary win, lose or draw market but can now delve in to further options found in other markets and sub-markets.

From the Arsenal example above, they can decide not to just select Arsenal to win but to win with a number of goals or even within a certain time frame.

There are a lot more options/combinations that can be associated with a win, some of which are:

  • Win with over/under a number of goals
  • Win with goal/goal or both teams to score
  • Win halftime/full-time
  • Win rest of a half
  • Win/draw, etc.

Selecting options/combinations from other markets and sub-markets does not just give you a better soccer betting experience but also offers flexibility.

This is where the basics of soccer betting advance a little as bookmakers load you with a lot more option like:

  • Correct score
  • Over/under corner kicks
  • Team to score first
  • First-10/15/20 minutes draw
  • No goal
  • Substitution to score
  • First goal-penalty
  • Draw no bet
  • Handicap
  • Yellow/red cards etc

At Surestakes we review and explain the different options offered by different bookmakers, thus helping bettors to be more informed.

Aside from soccer betting basics, another important factor that needs to be looked into before engaging in betting activities is statistical information.

Bookmakers through their online platform offer statistical details of various teams, to aid bettors in placing their bets.

The richer the information these bookmakers offer, the better their chances of attracting bettors to their online platform.

The information here is the key.

You will be able to know the winning percentage of these teams, their current form and several other trends that constantly change in football.

The study and understanding of statistical data provided might just be what determines if a bettor ends up on the winning or losing side.

Visit and find the tips and predictions we offer for every game after carrying out our statistical analysis.

The basics of soccer betting will always begin with the game, the teams, their markets, and odds.

Then from there, one can go on to find the right bookmaker and the medium that suits them the most.

By constantly going through our site to read daily tips, suggestions, and predictions, the foundation is set for a good betting experience.

We have a separate page for beginners where we encourage them to begin small with the simple markets.

As they grow and become more confident, we open them up to more markets and sub-markets so that they can combine games with more fun.