Curling And Ice Hockey Are Very Different

Curling And Ice Hockey Are Very Different
Ice sports are a distinguished from other kind of sports. Curling and ice hockey are two ice sports widely known and accepted by people. They are both Olympic Games and team sports. However, curling and ice hockey also differ in many aspects.

First, curling is mainly to compete by technique and psychological qualities, and the aim is to make more pots into the center of the circle and hit pots of the other team out of the center of circle as many as possible. The curling does not have very high requirements on the physical quality, and it also does not have intensive physical contact. So it is also named as ice snooker.
On the contrary, the ice hockey is a ball game with the highest speed in the world. The ice hockey is more intense and more dangerous, so the participants are needed to fully armed with their NHL jerseys and other protective gear and consume a lot of physical strength to complete the race, and the high speed and excitement are the watching focus of the hockey game.
Second, curling takes a team as a unit to do the throwing sport on the ice and sets two small items of men and women, which is the competition in Olympic Games. The curling is like a round pot, made of natural Scotland granite with no mica, and all the natural granite used to manufacture high quality curling in the world are produced in a small island offshore Scotland. The circumference of the curling is about 91.44 cm, the height is (from the bottom to the top of the pot) 11.43 cm, and the weight (including the pot handle and pot plug) is up to 19.96 kg.
While in ice hockey, the athletes should wear special skates, protective gear and various authentic nfl jerseys wholesale , armed with clubs and shot in the ice field. In ice hockey, the team hit more balls into the other goalmouth, and then they will be the winner. It is one of the most thrilling games in the world.

No matter ice hockey or curling, they are all rich with their own unique characteristics and attract many faithful fans, though they are differ in the rules, equipment and focus.

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