China Bridge Won In Seoul, Both For Men And Women Teams Won

China Bridge Won In Seoul, Both For Men And Women Teams Won
7 3 night, forty-third Pacific Asia Bridge Championship held at the closing ceremony in Seoul, Korea, Global Times, the national women’s team and the Shanghai won the national men’s team were the women’s group and open group 2 heavy trophy. This results again proved that China’s bridge in the Pacific Asian region’s strong.

Women’s team expected to win

Global Times national women’s team’s strength is second to none in the Pacific Asian region, and entered the ranks of world-class. To participate in this competition by the Global Times, the national women’s team coach Wang Xiaojing, Ju Chuancheng any assistant coach. Team members are: Gu Ling / Zhang Yalan, Wang Ping / Liu Yiqian, Sun Ming / Wang Jian. Global Times national women’s team round robin in two of 18 games to achieve victory against nine opponents, eventually leading the Japanese team of 70 second VP (victory points), ahead of two rounds to win, not only created a Chinese team to participate in Asia-Pacific bridge championship best performance, but also the women’s race the first time in history.

The cup is also China’s bridge women’s team won the Pacific Asia Bridge Twelfth Championship. For the victory, coach Wang Xiaojing think “is the more relaxed one.” However, despite its superb, but the Global Times, the national women’s team’s players and coaches on every opponent and every game seriously. Every time out from the stadium, players are quickly pick up on the spot competition seriously read the license type of paper to see what their vulnerabilities in the race. Women’s team on June 30 to end the game, but in order to have more training opportunities, women’s team members attend to rest and play, they all participated in the July 2 and 3, the open two-person teams.

Men’s cup blockbuster If the Global Times, the national women’s team title in reason, then the Shanghai Media national men’s team’s performance a little, “blockbuster” flavor, because the Chinese men’s team had been six years without winning the event . The Shanghai Media national men’s team coach by the Hu-based Hung, Chen Kong office assistant coach, team members are: Zhuang Zejun / Shi Hao Jun, Yang Lixin / Dai Jianming, Fu Zhong / Zhao Jie. Competition, the Chinese men’s team at the end of the loop when the first ranked first, and eventually to 19 wins 3 losses, 49 second-place performance ahead of a VP win, but also Indonesia, Japan, Australia and China Asia-Pacific region, Taipei and other strong teams have the upper hand. This is also the Chinese men’s team won the third Asia-Pacific Championship.

The past two years, the level of China’s man bridge made rapid progress. In the 2004 World Bridge Team Olympiad, the Chinese men’s team to achieve a historic breakthrough in fourth. Chinese men playing cards by the overall strength and adequate preparations before the game. In an hour every morning before the race, reporters often see Hu Hung-based rival coaches and players look with information targeted to develop operational plans. 21:30 every day, the Chinese men’s team will be afflicted by terrible to open wrap-up.

Winning “secret” is the hard training

Then China bridge men, women’s team achieved outstanding results in the game the secret of what is it? Chinese team leader, China’s Qiao Xie told reporters that the Secretary-General Fan Guang-sheng, bridge, like with all sports, get good grades in the “secret” is hard training. China bridge no professional players, national team members generally have another job. A long time, bridge men’s and women’s team members work and live in overcoming difficulties, targeting, and train hard. To prepare for this tournament, the Chinese bridge men, and women’s teams in Beijing, more than 20 days intense training, daily training time of up to 8? 10 hours. Training, everyone on the one hand improve their bidding system, strengthening the offensive and defensive practice basic skills; research and analysis on the one hand, all participating teams play and style. Before boarding the plane, within the team conducted two “men, the women’s dual meet,” to enhance combat effectiveness. Women’s team also invited some domestic type A male player to play the club, “the enemy” training.

Targeting women’s team world championship Pacific Asia Bridge Championship

this is in Portugal this October at the World Bridge Championships qualifying group. China bridge men and women’s teams both won, it means they get the qualification to go to Portugal. In recent years, Chinese women’s team each bridge into the Top 8 in the World Series, three-time world runner-up. Now the lack of a world champion. To Portugal, China women’s team’s goal is clear, that strive to champion. The Chinese men’s team into the Olympic semi-finals of last year, people on their World Championship Tour has more than a look.

To fight the battle of Portugal. Chinese bridge team developed a detailed plan: First, after returning to the Pacific Asia Championship for problems arising in the bidding, play cards, and other aspects of defense Zuozhuang systematic training. Second, we must seriously study the world championships in the women’s 19 opponents, men’s 21 opponents in order to find out the characteristics of each opponent’s style. Third, in July the national teams of men and women marched the United States to participate in “Summer North American Bridge Championship,” which is to understand the world championship many opponents, especially in China’s main rival, the United States women’s team a good opportunity for women’s team.

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