Many bettors make a lot of mistakes when it comes to football betting and the tricky thing is that sometimes they don’t even know that they have made a mistake.

To succeed in football betting, especially in the long-term, football bettors need to make as less mistake as possible.

It will help them enjoy future financial success. Sometimes too much information doesn’t help especially as many beginning bettors go through different sites.

This makes finding real information a complex task.

At Surestakes, we try to help bettors get better, that’s why in this write-up we are going to explain some of the mistakes bettors make.

We have taken our time to find these mistakes so that as we show them to you, you can begin to become a better winner.

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Let’s look at some of them.

The End of a Football Season Is Not the End of Your Betting

A football season might have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean betting has ended for you as a bettor.

There is still a lot that goes on behind the scene.

So whether you are an experienced or a beginning bettor, you need to be current and continue what works when it comes to football betting and benefiting from it.

That being said, yes the football season has ended, but for the dedicated bettor, there is no break.

To simply put, dedicated bettors have no off-season.

It is a mistake to think that you can relax since a football season has ended.

If increasing your bankroll really matters as well as securing your future financial success, you must make the most of the spare time that comes with an off-season.

By this, we mean there are many things to keep you busy particularly if you are interested in getting ready for the next season.

Let’s mention a few:

  • Review all the bets you placed last season to see your performance
  • Review last season data and the significant impact it had on your bets
  • Search for new data
  • Find new betting types, bookies, markets, bonus and incentives
  • Study next seasons fixtures
  • Be up to date with changes in the league and teams

To develop and grow as a bettor you need to make sure that next season gets better than the previous one.

Try to cut your mistakes and increase your percentage wins.

Don’t just hibernate yourself because the football season has ended.

One way to get busy during the off-season is by following us at surestakes.com.

Betting Blindly

A lot of bettors place their bets without really knowing anything about the team.

Some of them find the readily available data, such as head-to-head statistics and the winning percentage of a team sufficient enough to help their decision.

Yes, sometimes that works, especially in those African leagues and teams that are hardly aired on TV.

However, for long-term betting success, it is better to bet on the team you know best.

For other leagues/teams, you need to find time to watch them play, so that you can excel on your bets.

This means you follow their games and get to watch it live in the stadium or on TV.

But ask yourself, if you are not watching soccer games every week, how can you understand the league and these teams?

To place a good bet, you need to be watching these teams play.

It comes with many advantages such as:

  • Being current with the league and team news
  • Knowing a team’s style of play
  • Knowing more about each player
  • Having a better betting insight etc.

Too Much Faith on Experts and Other Bettors

Oh, you know this guy on the street and last week he won some big money from betting.

So now because he won big, he is now an expert.

When people win big a lot of people hear about it, even the media sometimes spread the news.

What people don’t know is how much they have lost in the past and the effort they put to win that bet.

It could also have been pure luck.

Are they now an expert?

Think wise!

That an expert or tipster thinks that a particular team will win doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the team win.

Most sites that offer tips and advice issue a disclaimer.

They are not to be held liable for any loss any bettor might incur after using any information provided on their site.

Even at surestakes.com, we let our followers know that no tip is 100% guaranteed and that bettors should be ready for losses as well as winnings.

Experienced bettors take tips and advice of experts on the face value; only to help them make better decisions.

Hence, they don’t carelessly follow these sites.

Bankroll Recklessness

Mismanaging your bankroll is one warning most experts and betting sites issue over and over.

This is because of the dangers of not properly managing your finances.

Without proper management, you can find yourself being rich in one week and then in a huge debt the following week.

People have lost their finances, home, family and cars to betting.

The most common financial mistakes bettors make are:

  • Lack of a staking principle
  • Chasing losses
  • Being carried away by a winning streak and
  • Greedy staking

Not Learning From Previous Mistakes

For a beginning bettor, it is okay to make mistakes as it is all part of the learning curve.

These mistakes overtime should be minimised with more betting experience.

Mistakes cost you money and you cannot afford to have lots of them.

A bettor will never really succeed in betting when he keeps repeating the same mistake over and over.

It is sad to say, but it is a harsh truth.

The whole essence of betting in the first place is to beat the bookies and make some money.

With recurrent mistakes, it can hardly be achieved.

With all the information we give at surestakes.com, there is no reason an eager bettor should keep making the same mistake.

His time and money might as well be used somewhere else.


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