The Best Football Predictions for You

Now that you have familiarized yourself with football betting basics, it is essential to advance and learn more.

It means the next time you visit; you should go to our ‘Advanced Soccer Betting’ page.

It will be where your extra percentages will start to count and you will begin to make more use of the market odds to your advantage.

We hope that it is time for you to progress from an average bettor to a professional one, from a basic winner to a steady winner.

With the advanced tip, you will be able to know a lot more and thus be better informed while making decisions that relate to soccer bet.

Before progressing, however, there are certain assumptions that should be mentioned here:

  • You know how to use football statistics and team performance
  • You closely acquaint yourself with some football leagues
  • You have enough record from earlier bets

Managing Your Bankroll

Successful bettors know how important it is to manage their money well.

Managing their money well is the one most essential skill that enables them to be successful in sports betting.

This bankroll is the amount of money that has been set out or budgeted solely for betting purposes.

It is the money that the bettor is ready to lose.

As the money has been set out, not all of it will be used at once or in one game.

The bettor needs to figure out the least and biggest amount that can be staked at any given wager.

It can be a certain percentage (maybe 2-5%) of the bankroll or a fixed amount (maybe #100).

Your staking amount can also vary depending on your confidence level, say, 2% for games you are not too confident about and 4% for games that you are more confident.

In essence, you need to have a staking strategy and stick to it.

What it does for the bettor is that:

  • In the period of a losing streak, losses will not be chased.
  • Too much will not be staked when on a winning streak and
  • Multiple losses can be withstood without depleting your bankroll

At Surestakes we offer money management tips that you can study.


You have to get past the basic research of just checking the teams win percentage, their current form and their last five games.

An advanced bettor needs to do more.

 This means not just looking at the summarised stats but getting the details as well.

So let us look at some of these stats in a detailed way.

Team Form

You do not just study only their recent form or the form of team you want to predict to win.

You have to check the form of both the home and away team.

From a ‘home’ point of view, statistics support a home advantage.

At least half (50%) of the matches that are won are home wins.

The remaining 50% are usually drawn or lost.

This statistics is true irrespective of the league, although there will be slight variations.

Another way to look at it is to single out a particular team and check their total winnings in a season.

They would have gotten the largest share of their winnings at home.

So simply put, home advantage matters and statistics support it.

Most top teams in every league will always win more than 50% of their home matches.

Current Form

This goes beyond looking at their last five games.

The form should not just be looked at but the reason behind the form.

Therefore, certain thoughts should come to play to understand their form:

  • Did a key player return from injury?
  • In their last five games, how many have been played at home and how many away?
  • What of their last five winnings or loses? Is it against a top or bottom team?
  • Are there any suspensions?

Derby Matches and Rivals 

When it comes to derbies or matches between rivals, studying both teams form does not really do much.

A team might have been on a run of poor form but just because they get to play their rival, the poor form is put to an end, even if it is just for that game.

In these kinds of games, their fans demand the best from them.

They play it for honour, prestige, and reputation.

Hence, they rather lose to another team than to their rivals.

Betting on these games can be very complex and difficult as it could go either way.

The advanced bettor would prefer to avoid such games.

For example, in the premier league, these kinds of games are:

  • Manchester City vs. Manchester United
  • Arsenal vs. Tottenham
  • Liverpool vs. Everton etc

To know more on how to bet on derbies and rivals follow our Derby Blog page at

Keeping Up with Trends/Events

For example, in England, there are times when one team will be playing in all four competitions.

Let us say Manchester United, still has the premier league title to fight for, and then the FA Cup, Carling Cup, and Champions League.

At some point, fatigue will come in, as they cannot be using the same 11 players all the time.

They will resort to rotating players, sometimes fielding a weaker team.

Sometimes it also could be that the coach of a team has been fired.

An advanced bettor is up-to-date with these events and gives them much thought before placing bets.

Go For Value Bets

You know that a bet has good value when you have checked the odds set by the bookmakers and know that the reward will be more than the risk.

To find the good value of a bet, you just need to do a simple calculation:

Know the percentage chance of a team winning, multiply it by the bookmakers odd and you will get the value of the bet.

Let us select a game between Chelsea and Southampton.

Maybe as a bettor, you estimate that Chelsea has an 80% chance of winning because they are at home and the bookmakers have set Chelsea to win odd at 1.40.

To get the value of the bet is 0.8*1.40 = 1.12

A result of 1.00 shows an even bet.

If it is greater than 1.00 as in Chelsea example above, it has good value.

At Surestakes, we help bettors get better value.

Sure takes will ensure that you are betting in the right direction. Consider relying on the best football predictions from this site.