There is no sure way one can place football bets and make money from it.

No matter what betting strategy or designs tipsters, experts, and bettors develop, none is guaranteed to work 100%.

How to place football bets

There is no single football betting strategy that prevents bettors from losing; however, there are ways that bettors can place bets with certain rules and guidelines.

Before we start, however, let’s look at certain caveats:

  • Be wary of sites that offer you guaranteed returns
  • Beware of get-rich-quick betting sites
  • Beware of sites that make betting look easy
  • Avoid sites that exchange tips for money
  • Be cautious of sites claiming to have a betting system that never fails

The fact is that nobody loves to lose and to have a chance of succeeding in football bet you need discipline, practice, resilience and persistence.

To bet successfully you need to have the right mind to face the challenge and then we will help you in all you need to know.

At Surestake, we will take you on a step-to-step-guide to becoming a successful bettor.

To have any chance of succeeding in football bets, there are certain things you need to know and do.

We will talk about some of them.

Find Out If There Is Any Value in the Bet

A lot of bettors fail to do is.

They simply look at the face value of a bet and are attracted or put off by the odds the bet carry.

One such mistake is saying that if it is a high or low odd then it has high value or low value.

To find out how to calculate the value of a bet, simply go to our good value page at

Football Knowledge Does Not Translate To Betting Knowledge

This applies to football fans that don’t just love watching the game but also play football as one of their sporting activity.

The fact that they have football skills or keep up with football games does not mean that they have football betting acumen.

Your knowledge of the Premier League and Bundesliga doesn’t translate to understanding the betting market.

Although to become a successful bettor you need football knowledge, but a lot more to betting other than knowing football.

This is what separates the football lover from the football bettor when approaching a game.

While a football lover approaches the game with passion, the bettor approaches it with strategy and a business mindset.

Start With the Ones You Know

This applies to both the teams and the leagues.

If you are already familiar with a particular league or some clubs, it is better to start with them.

You have a better chance of making it as a successful bettor if you focus and channel your strategy on the league you know instead of betting randomly.

This also the same for the betting markets you choose.

Focus on the ones you have a higher chance of succeeding at or the ones that you are good at.

For example, bettors that understand the goal/no goal market very well have a better chance of succeeding if they focus all their betting on that market.

Record Keeping Is Important

Without records, a business is almost like non-existent because it doesn’t know its customers, how much it has made or lost, and other details.

A bettor needs to have a record of every single game played.

He should be able to tell the following:

  • The teams involved
  • The league
  • The market played on and the odds
  • The bookmaker used
  • The season, trend and much more.

Without such records, your chances of succeeding are limited because it is important to look back at your earlier records for a more informed future bet.

Make Use of Mathematical/Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is the most important prediction tool every successful bettor should use.

If the bookmakers use it, then why shouldn’t the bettor.

Betting itself has a lot to do with statistics as odds are derived from probabilities, for example, the likelihood of one team winning and another losing.

With the mathematical/statistical knowledge you can:

  • Convert fractional odds to decimal odds
  • Calculate potential wins and returns
  • Calculate the win percentage of a team
  • Design a betting model
  • Calculate the value of an odd
  • Calculate goals per game ratio and a lot more.

No matter the mathematical and statistical analysis you make, the essence is to be able to predict the result of a given game better than the bookmakers.

Every bettor wants to beat the bookmaker.

Make Use of Different Bookmakers

When you are limiting yourself to a particular bookmaker, you are restricting yourself to beneficial options and odds.

The advantage of making use of more than one bookmaker is that you take advantage of the different benefits they offer and place your bets as the bookmaker’s options suits you.

There are always one or two benefits one bookmaker has over the other.

Some bookmakers offer more odds than the others, some offer a ‘cash out’ option while some don’t.

Some offer a ‘Cut-1’ option in which if one of your games cut, you can still get paid at least your stake amount, and not losing out completely.

If these different benefits offered by different bookmakers are taken by bettors they can maximise their potential profit and minimise their potential losses.

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