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Our best football betting tips are picked from different sport betting markets categories such as double chance(1x, 2x), Both Teams To Score(BTTS/GG/NG), Half time win, full time total score, draws, straight win, correct score, handicap, over/under 1.5 goals, over/under 2.5 goals, over/under 3 goals, over/under 4.5 goals, first to score, total home/away goals, weekend accumulators etc

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Football, just like a fight, game or contest usually ends in one of three outcomes.

It is won, lost or drawn.

Knowing it could be any of these three outcomes; people can build or develop a guiding principle that is applicable to soccer betting.

Within these three outcomes are other intricacies that bettors use when predicting a game, some of which are:

  • The number of goals scored
  • The type of goal
  • Correct score
  • Handicaps
  • Number of corner kicks and free kicks
  • offences yellow/red cards
  • The half-time/ full-time results and a lot more

Who Wins A Match?

This is usually the most common option picked by bettors, as it is quite easy and straightforward to play.

Here, the bettor has to predict one team or the other to either win or lose. When the bettor feels that both teams are evenly matched, he can also predict a draw.

Betting on a win/lose market comes with sub-options like a first-half win, first-10-minutes-draw, full-time win/lose and much more.

The code for winning, drawing or losing a game is also easiest as they come in simple zero (0), one (1) and two (2).

While zero (0) indicates a draw, one (1) means the home team wins and two (2) indicating the away team wins.

This particular market has the highest influx of money in a game especially as the betting is ongoing even in a live match.

At Surestakes, we offer tips that suggest the potential winner of every match. We do these by studying different variables, the most important being the teams involved.

It is good for the bettor to know which of the competing team plays at home and which plays away. Home advantage and home-form play an important role in predicting the team that wins in a game.

For example, certain teams are almost unbeatable at home and thus selecting them to lose is a big gamble and against the odds.

It is not that it is not possible, but it comes with a higher risk. Apart from figuring out the home and away teams, it is also important to analyse the makeup of the team.

By makeup, a lot of things are looked at, such as:

  • The players starting the game
  • The players on the bench
  • The availability and form of key players
  • The player’s experience
  • Their key strength, whether in attack or defence
  • Their chosen formation, whether a 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, etc.

Another determinant factor is their level of confidence.

When teams are confident, they play without fear and are more daring and challenging.

Teams get confident in some ways:

  • The return of a key player from injury
  • The addition/purchase of a new player with great skills
  • A winning streak on a run of games or
  • By just beating a far-superior team

How Is The Match Won?

Definitely, goals are what win a match. 

When no goals are scored or both teams score the same number, the match ends in a draw. Sometimes, however, a draw is not enough, especially when there is a trophy involved and only one team gets to lift it.

What the bettor bears in mind here is that whichever team scores the most goals or concedes less wins the game. At Surestakes we show teams that are ‘High scoring’ usually raking up an average of two to three goals per game.

The ‘Number of goals’ option is an interesting market for bettors and thus the bookmakers have designed the over/under sub-market for it.

For example, when a bettor selects an over 1.5, it simply means that they will be at least two goals in a match.

Over 2.5 mean that there will be at least three goals, 3.5- four goals and so on. Punters love to stake on this and thus huge money goes into this particular market.

We have put up some statistical ratios such as goals-per-game-ratio for teams as well as for players. Some teams are high scoring while some players are goal machines, scoring goals even from nothing.

Just by visiting, you are loaded with all this information.

You will see a lot more stats like chances created by a team and their chance conversion rate.

Circumstances Can Influence Who Wins a Match

One such circumstance is when a game has been termed a ‘Must-win.’ It means that there is a lot at stake and the cost of losing is high.

These types of games are played with desperation, determination, resilience and pressure. These games defy the odds and spring up surprises.

A team that is fighting relegation knows that it must win that next match to have any chance to stay in a league. They can give their all and be able to beat even the best team in the world because they play the game with a ‘Do or die’ attitude.

The same thing can be said by a team that needs to win the league and knows that all they need to do in their final game is not concede a goal or score a number of goals.

Another circumstance that can influence the result of a game is the weather condition where it is played.

Sometimes it can be favourable to one team and unfavourable to another. For example, if a country in Europe is playing a match in Africa against another African country on a very hot day, it will affect the performance of that European country.

This is because they are not used to very hot weather conditions, which can make them easily exhausted.

You Can Bet As It Suits You 
For a full football season for which about 38 games can be played with hundreds of options to choose from, soccer betting is flexible and enticing.

Punters can select a few favourite teams and bet only on them for a whole season. There are many bookmakers out there and a lot of markets they can bet on, but the game of football is the same.

Your guiding principle does not have to change just because you changed the market or changed a bookmaker.

However, because these bookmakers compete with each other we always update our page with their different introductory offers.

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