Bayern want to cut Arsenal game

Bayern want to cut Arsenal game

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Earlier this season, Bayern won the Bundesliga title , the Champions League and German Cup finals but also to do so , and now fans are looking forward to Louis van Gaal will open a new era in Munich . However, good results are still difficult to conceal some defect Bayern , such as left back and central defender two positions , whether it is the players ability and depth are slightly less than the other giants . German media have long predicted that defense will be the focus of Bayern signings this summer , and now French ” Equipe ” disclosure Bayern played for Paris Saint-Germain to sign young defender Nicolas .

Bayern spent last year, nearly 8,000 million euros for the signings , the manager has hinted that this summer, Nei Linge had no signings on such a scale , so do not rule out the club in the lineup the stability of the possibility of introducing some new star , which Also in line with coach Louis van Gaal like the cultivation of the young style. Right now the French ” Equipe ” to reports that Bayern want the French defender Nicolas genius , according to the German ” transfer market ” assessment of the site , only 20 -year-old Sarkozy has reached 900 million euros worth contract summer 2012 Period.

20-year- old Sarkozy has a record number of French owner , who is French , after the first 90 players, leagues and Paris Saint-Germain is also the youngest team captain , to bring the team captain , he Only 17 years and 8 months. In addition, Nicolas 16 years of age to enter the club first team , was named to the age of 18 cross -class French U21 youth team , so that the performance of outstanding natural attracted the attention of the European giants . Recently, the British ” Daily Mail ” to reports that the Arsenal boss keen to develop new signing Nicolas Wenger hopes to replace Gallas . But the situation now appears that Arsenal want to lure them away from Bayern success also need to face the competition.

Currently, Sarkozy has grown into the captain of the French U21 youth team , Paris Saint Germain in the main position he occupied for two consecutive seasons played more than 30. Nicolas competent defender and left back two positions , with excellent physical condition and tactical ability , and he also has excellent leadership, the French national media as his “new Thuram . ” Such features are also required to meet Bayern , the Bundesliga giants he was able to strengthen the left back and central defender, two weak links.

Interview , Sarkozy said: “The European leagues can play good, but the Champions League is my dream . ” Paris Saint-Germain where he is currently listed only 12 French standings , can not participate in next season ‘s European title race, which Let Nicolas Think of killing themselves . The Bayern into the Champions League final this season , next season can continue to battle the top-level event , which is natural for Sarkozy is not a big temptation.

With Nicolas Information

English Name : Mamadou Sakho

Birthday : February 13, 1990

Height : 187cm

Nationality: French

Club : Paris St Germain

Location: in the back, left back

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