100 Division Special Xue

100 Division Special Xue
HC Valve Network: Editor’s Note: Special Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang 100 Division, in just 4 years of development time, with foreign brands through positive Cooperation Efforts to expand the domestic market, has won the trust of customers in the industry, also gained high market share. This naturally can not do without one special person for each 100 Division unremitting struggle and studying more and is closely related to the 100 Division special teams. Formed group, the creation of well-known brand, will be the 100 Division special next action. In Financial Crisis, 100 Division Special understand the industry, market, expand business philosophy, to seize more business opportunities. In this regard, HC Network Zhejiang 100 Special Technology Co., Ltd. Executive Director of the Division has done an exclusive interview WANG Xue-ping, Secretary for listening to its resolution 100 special management process unique business philosophy.

Special Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang 100 Division Executive Director Xue-Ping Wang

Special Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang 100 Division Executive Director Xue-Ping Wang (right) and foreign photo

Integration of resources for our use

Division Special Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang 100’s predecessor Intelligent Control Valve Co., Ltd. Yongjia County, initially established when only one or two Sell Staff, the main processing, production of some casting valves, fittings. With the constant changes in the external market environment, the existing production system and Marketing Model has been unable to adapt to the development of pump and valve industry, so in mid-2005, Intelligent Control Valve Co., Ltd. Yongjia County, was a change, we set up a special today, Secretary for Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang 100. Founded after the Wang visit several domestic and international market, to see the domestic and foreign actuator actuator in the technical differences, but also found the actuator market, good prospects for development, that “the introduction of international products, for our own use” The development concept. On the one hand, positive and actuator negotiate international brands, on the other hand actively explore the domestic market, distribution channels, the introduction of a large number of actuators foreign mature products and technologies to increase its research and development efforts, and in Yangzhou, Changzhou, one after another set up a marketing center electric actuator. Within a few years, the Secretary of Zhejiang 100 special growing.

And international brands, it is an honor, but also that the Secretary of Zhejiang 100 special strength. Wang believes that the introduction of foreign cooperation is not only high-end products, but through this means of communication, a deeper dig their products look beautiful under the performance and technology; through technical exchanges with foreign experts, continuously update their technical knowledge, develop research ideas, time for themselves are at the forefront of the actuator in the field. Cooperation is a learning. Learn from others advanced technology, culture, and management, of course, draw on successful experience, find their own path of development is the ultimate goal. In the product design process, the domestic products and international products remaining gap. Wang gaps that this fundamentally is a difference between the attitudes and beliefs, rather than physical gap. Domestic producers of the product’s overall design, basically uphold “can be used on-line” attitude. Through external cooperation, we have gradually adapt and make changes in values and attitudes, will focus on the concept of design into our new products.

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