Two year full time mba

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Two year full time mba

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Two year full time mba

This Management programs consist of four semesters with duration of six months of each semester. Students have to do internship program within the time of two years, the duration of the internship is 3-4 months. During the first year of management program, student’s study the general course related to basics of managements and is mandatory for all MBA students. During the second year of their academic program students choose a specific subject for specialization according to their area of interest.
Many MBA colleges offer dual specialization where the candidate can choose two subjects for specialization and awarded speciacy in job skill, performance and opportunity for career growth. Specialized study help to grow the career at exponential rate.

MBA full-time degree is beneficial in many ways. The syllabus and entire course work is elective and customized, which design the framework of dedicated and focused study towards the program. Students from different academic background can get admission in the course, so while studying the course the student get the chance to increase his/her knowledge in different dimension and subject while interacting with the students of different academic background. Internship programs, presentations and other various learning program increase student ability and development their personality, moreover while doing internship program the student get to know about various practical exposure of the industry. Breaks between the academic years give you time for networking in the real world of business. Many colleges offering full-time MBA program have career placement cells and counseling centers which provide job opportunity to candidate. Taking specialization classes with the same group of people having same interest allow the candidate to build business relationships and professional groups.

In spite of so many advantages the MBA full-time program is also having some disadvantages. The program demands two year of intense study and devotion so the candidate have to be career focused and have to dedicate his two year for study instead of doing any other work. The program is heavy on finance and students should have a having good financial support should apply for the program. If you don’t have good finance backup this program is difficult to undertake. Without a dedicated and focused mindset you may limit yourself in what value and return on investment you will gain from the program. If you are doing this academic program, it would be advisable for you to have clear objectives and plan your future and be committed to allocating the needed resources for implementing your plan.

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