Lava ACR 03 – Cheap with the price, classy with the attitude!

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Lava ACR 03 – Cheap with the price, classy with the attitude!

Lava ACR 03 – Cheap with the price, classy with the attitude!

Lava ACR 03 One of the newest mobile assembling brand that has just joined the contest of mobiles is, Lava mobile India, that in short span of time has performed superb as far as the sales record of the brand is concerned, and it’s all because of their straight-forward formula to offer the high featured phone against charging comparatively so much lesser prices that big brands would never be able to do. The respective formula worked put superb for the brand, and in result, the launched handsets were liked most by lower middle class which are highest user of mobiles in India. The brand has been doing so well in rurar market especially.

Lava ACR 03 is one of the newly launched dual SIM supported phone under the flagship of the brand Lava. A user will be able to enjoy the services of dual GSM SIMs at the same time without facing any hurdle. When it comes to the appereance of the brand new Lava ACE03 is concerned, it’s one of the quite managed designed phones we have in the market place, the entire dimensions are kept in great balance in order to make it a unisexual phone. This comes fitted out with the 1.8 inches TFT display that gives the dispaly resolution of 128×160 pixels.

Having acquired high resistive digital camera, the brand new Lava ACR03 allows a user to capture the stills in great quality and clarity, and it all becomes possible because of offered zooming, contrast/brightness setting and other options. While with the Multiple codec supported media player, you will be able enjoying all your favorite musical tracks in impressive sound quality, and the best part is its wireless FM radio, that you won’t have to insert headphones to enjoy live FM radio unlike most of the FM radio supported phones.

If we talk more about advanced features, the brand new Lava ACR03 comes having GPRS & WAP browser connectivity, by which one can enjoy speedy emailing, instant messagaing and other internet enabled appications and services. Whereas with the help of Bluetooth & USB connectivity option, data transferring goes quite faster and barrier-free once you connect it with the concerned device.

When it comes to battery backup performance of the brand new Lava ACR03, here it disappoints a bit, being powered with the standard Li-Ion Battery, it proffers the maximum talk time battery backup of about 3 hours along with the 25o hours of stand by time, so it can actually become a problem for the people who spend a healthy time on call. Otherwise this can be a cool option to pick for everyone looking forward bringing an all advanced phone which should be handy and low priced as well.


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Cheap DVD Player, DVD Player

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Cheap DVD Player, DVD Player


Gone are the days, when one has to totally depend upon cable only to watch his favourite movie with his family. The Latest DVD Player has come up as the most suitable solution, which let people to have a wonderful experience of watching movies with his loved ones.

A DVD Player is the digital versatile disk, which is the most popular storage medium to store video, audio and data files. This effective storage medium can easily store a high amount of data up to six times more than a normal disc. It comes with a playback, which let users to comfortably enjoy the pleasant movie experience with their dear and near one’s, while sitting in the living room. Besides this, the awesome movie quality of the DVD player is extremely high. The Latest DVD Players are the most demanding devices that can play discs supporting the technical standards and features of both the DVD Videos and also of the DVD Audios. These latest technological devices are also used in effective interactive learning. In addition, they also support the fun games and brain stretching puzzles.

One can find any player according to his budget as Cheap DVD Players are easily available for common man today in the market to let them enjoy this wonderful experience. The cheap players are the quality players at a reasonable amount. The leading companies manufacturing these innovative players are Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer and many more names are also added in this list.

Its easy to choose a good player according to your preferences, just by considering some important factors. The important factors are the quality, performance of the player and sound clarity. Besides this the image clarity, advanced and modern features, compatibility with different media formats and price are also given a deep consideration. Customer should have the complete awareness about the player he is going for and also about the customer services and warranty period given by the companies to their users. If one is willing to buy a good player, then he must not neglect these important features otherwise he can loose a good deal.

The Cheap DVD Players have high quality and give an efficient service to customers. However before purchasing any such player, one must be confirm about the brand name, designs and the original good quality. So, now do not wait for a movie on cable, just switch to cheap and high-quality players, with better performance and let your family to have a wonderful DVD experience.

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