Half: Krasic scored twice in Cagliari 2-1 Juventus

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Half: Krasic scored twice in Cagliari 2-1 Juventus

Half: Krasic scored twice in Cagliari 2-1 Juventus

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Beijing time at 2:45 on September 27, the fifth round of Serie A last battle fought in the Turin Olympic stadium, Juventus vs. Cagliari team sits. In the first half, Juve Krasic two goals with a 2-1 lead, scoring the Matri Cagliari.

4 minutes, Mello received the ball outside the area Iaquinta long-range left foot over the bar. 2 minutes later, Iaquinta Amauri in the restricted area access pass from the central header from the center higher than the same goal.

13 minutes, Pepe kick out on the right, even though the ball middle of the top players out of Cagliari, but the guard at the closed top of the arc at the door Krasic volley to score the lower left corner, which is in Serbia first goal after joining Juventus, Juventus 1-0 lead.

However, Cagliari in the 19th minute for the match, Razali pass in the left right, Matri defense in the middle of the gap Xiachu Juve ease Dianshe nets, The score 1-1.

The first 21 minutes, Amauri in the paste in Astoria is still in the restricted area under the left wing anti-completed shot fell to the ground, but was saved by the Aga struggling together. After 1 minute, Naiyingelan long-range shot was Storari confiscated. The first 27 minutes, Aquilani volley the ball outside the area because of the angle is too welcome being goalkeeper.

33 minutes, steals back to the left for Amauri, Pepe the ball from the wing, well points Krasic guarded in Agostini alert Tongshe break, he scored twice to help Juventus to 2 -1 ahead!

2 minutes later, Leandro Rinaudo foul when the defensive kossou, eat first yellow card of the season. 37 minutes, Aquilani long-range misses to the left. 40 minutes, Chiellini long pass, underwent Iaquinta up front squeezed into a single-pole trend Toscanini, but the Aga Qi saved his last shot.

Juventus with a 2-1 final score of the leading end of the first half.

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