Real Madrid CF acrylic shield crest to hang on wall with stand same as on Ronaldo James Bale jersey

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Real Madrid CF acrylic shield crest to hang on wall with stand same as on Ronaldo James Bale jersey

Real Madrid CF acrylic shield crest to hang on wall with stand same as on Ronaldo James Bale jersey

Real Madrid CF acrylic shield crest to hang on wall with stand same as on Ronaldo James Bale jersey

  • official licensed product
  • Ronaldo James Bale
  • Made from high quality Acrylic
  • Real Madrid Shield Crest
  • Same shield used on Real Madrid Jersey

Real Madrid Acrylic Shield Crest with stand, 100% Original, Exclusive Official Licensed Product.

High quality item, this shield you can put on top of your desk, table,bar table or hang on the wall

Show you are a Real Madrid fan.

Real Madrid 3D Acrylic Shield Crest with Stand Methacrylate Superimposed layers of acrylic materials of various thicknesses.

Precision engineering and high-quality materials used to bring you the Official Real Madrid FC Shield Cre

List Price: $ 39.00

Price: $ 39.00

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Real Madrid Versus Bale

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Real Madrid Versus Bale
“In football anything can happen, history tells us that football game full of surprises and suspense, so we will still try and qualify for a big win over Real Madrid, although this is almost an impossible miracle, then Let us create!White Hart Lane club before the Second War, the number one knife Spurs Bell with such sonorous Football Shirt words, inspired the team morale. Although the 4-goal first-leg defeat Mourinho led Real Madrid, but this by the old [Planning] Bell rampant Real Madrid defender personal highlights of the media audience shines Ray led enthusiasm led Bell The division, vowing to prove his strength at White Hart Lane.
Competition from the Welsh led by evil left wing who has become the main direction of Tottenham, although the Emperor la liga kits Cristiano Ronaldo alignment idol, although his face was the leader of Spain and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos level, although from time to time by the Harvey & – Alonso and a pair of lumbar La interdiction and interference, but the Welsh teenager never fear, his every ball to the sidelines of the Real Madrid fans are nervous, his every charge have ushered in bursts of cheering fans at White Hart Lane, although his team still failed to achieve reversal tonight, but he the future Emperor Bell is on the rise, but you can head up out of this course! He deserves an audience 34,326 fan.
Of course, or first shot back to the game to go. Opening only 3 minutes, Bell will get a charge in the left hand side of opportunity, and suddenly I saw him cross the ball all the way aside, lightweight Maguo the defense of his real madrid shirts Ramos, after Harvey in the face of the restricted area – Alonso was tipped over when, but the referee did not give a penalty; the first 7 minutes Bell comeback, this time after he cut inside from the left wing broke Albiol, and then pass the ball to his goalkeeper Iker Casillas was forced saved, Mode Ridge Alonso broke into the restricted area of the defense again in the next fall, the referee refused a penalty.
8 minutes, Bell and Mode Ridge kicked out of exquisite wall in left with, then Wales teenager hanging to the middle ramp, Pavlyuchenko grabbed a point; the first 12 minutes, Bell rushed up the left again, this time He even had the other three players, but unfortunately did not pass the ball by his teammates in the grasp; the first 14 minutes, La restricted area before the foul on Pavlyuchenko, Bell himself free kick was block wall; 19 minutes, Bell Ramos scraping with each other was bruised lower back, then he stood up to continue fighting the pain, bloody side was reflected most vividly; in the 38th minute, Pavlyuchenko biography, Mount offside position Aldridge headed back to the place, Bell shot Ronaldo Shirt break is not valid. Can be said that almost all of the first half, Bell, a person’s performance, relative to the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo a little quiet, the young Bell has been completely dominating the scene. Over time the second half, Tottenham’s passion is to spend a little bit of, but still made a few wonderful breakthrough performance. The most out of color in the first 91 minutes, Bell extraordinary dribbling consecutive first field, then handed off the bench for Jermain Defoe, whose shot was blocked edge of the area.

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