Advanced Holdem Tips ? 3 Tips On Pot Odds And Outs

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Advanced Holdem Tips ? 3 Tips On Pot Odds And Outs

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Advanced Holdem Tips ? 3 Tips On Pot Odds And Outs

Pots odds can be confusing, difficult to calculate, annoying, and the rest. But they are an unavoidable part of poker if you want to be able to make money consistently and easily. It doesn’t have to be all hard maths though. Let me share with you some of my advanced Holdem tips on pot odds and outs.

Advanced Holdem Tips #1 – Adding Outs

Adding outs is probably the hardest part of the whole process. Just figuring out what cards you need can be a little hard, however it is pretty easy for me. Why? Because I practiced it.

The secret to finding your outs is just practice. Just figuring out which cards you need. It helps to know all the hands, like what a straight is and a flush etc, but most of us know this.

A quick tip for outs is that if you don’t have suited hole cards and their aren’t multiple suit types on the board don’t bother adding in flush outs.

It is however critical to get know your outs as these are used to calculate your odds.

Advanced Holdem Tips #2 – Calculating Turn Odds

A very simple method of figuring out your real chance of getting a better hand post-flop is using this amazingly simple calculation.

1 – Add your outs up (see previous tip)
2 – Multiply outs by 4
3 – There is no other step

When you are post flop and you add up your outs and multiply by four you have a number. This is the percentage chance of getting a better hand by the showdown. So if you have 8 outs you have a 32% chance of getting that hand by the showdown.

Advanced Holdem Tips #3 – Calculating River Outs

Ok, so the turn comes and it’s not a card you wanted. What is your chance of now getting your best hand on the river/by the showdown.

Well, when you have any sort of hand and are on the turn, waiting for the river to come, all you have to do is add your outs (see tip 1 again) and multiply the number by 2 – similar to the calculation before, right?

This will give you a number and that is your percentage chance of getting your hand. So in the same example, if it was 8 outs you have a 16% chance of getting it.

Poker can be amazingly simple and easy to play when you have the right advanced Holdem tips backing you. Can you believe how easy this is? This is a trick I use every single day of my life and I am so glad I learnt it. But how many other little tricks are out there that you don’t know about?

I would seriously suggest you make it a point to do some research and find more advanced Holdem tips and tricks. Because when you take action and learn these you become a very good poker player very quickly.

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