Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack – PlayStation 3

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Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack – PlayStation 3

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Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack – PlayStation 3

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack - PlayStation 3

  • Starter Pack includes: 1-Video Game, 1-Traptanium Portal, 2-Skylanders Figures, 2-Traps, 1-Character Collector Poster, 2-Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes and 2-Trading Cards.
  • Warning: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Capture Evil. Unleash Good. Kaos has blown up the walls of the feared Cloudcracker Prison freeing the most notorious villains in Skylands. it’s up to you and the Skylanders to find and capture them. using Traptanium, a magic material that can harness the power of the Elements, you have the amazing ability to trap the villains and return them to Skylands to fight for you! Begin the ultimate adventure as you explore Skylands in search of the escaped villains! Starter Pack includes: 1-Video Game, 1

List Price: $ 9.00

Price: $ 9.00

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June 22, 2016 at 5:12 am
17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
Skylanders Trap Team review from an Adult Skylanders Fan, November 24, 2014
Lukey20 (Western Australia) –

This review is from: Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack – PlayStation 3 (Video Game)
My main problem with Trap Team is they pretend Swap Force never happened. Toys For Bob were not involved in Swap Force and are back on board for Trap Team but just treat it like a sequal for Skylanders Giants. I honestly think Swap Force is the best Skylanders game made (even better than this Trap Team game). I have now been playing Skylanders Trap Team for 2 months since its release, here are some thoughts on the game (my first thought it maybe things were better without Toys For Bob being involved?):

The Good:
It’s a really fun game!
The Trap Masters are great and the villains are aweosme (and funny)
Kaos mode is fun but pretty easy to beat.
the graphics all look fantastic.
Skystones Smash is good, I always loved Skystones mini game in Skylanders Giants so good to have a version back.
The random mini games for villain redemptions are good also but there are too few of them (only 1/6 villains gets a redemption mini game) The sheep creep angry birds style redemption game is really fun but very short, I wish they had more of those style or had this Sheep Creep mini game as it’s own seperate game like Kaos mode or Arena Battles.

The Bad:
WAY too easy, took me months to unlock everything on Swap Force unlocked almost everything in a week on Trap Team.
No rewards for previous game characters (like the Giant treasure boxes in swap force, there is nothing special for swap force guys) Even the Giants get a few specials things only they can do but NOTHING for the Swap Force characters! A big slap in the face to have spent so much money getting all the swap force and then there is nothing special about them in Trap Team.
The minis look cute but I assumed there would be a stack of small places only they could get to but so far have only found 1 in the library which was a bit lame.
The lock puzzles are not as challenging or as fun as the shock and Bolt mini challenge games.

All in all a good game (3/5) but in most ways this game is a big backwards step from Swap Force.

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June 22, 2016 at 5:26 am
23 of 27 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Activision has another huge hit on their hands, October 5, 2014
USA4Life (PA) –

This review is from: Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack – PlayStation 3 (Video Game)
What to rate a brand new game? Well, my son, who is 5, is already deeply involved in the game and he waited patiently for today to come. It is his first “anything” to get on the first day of its release. Characters look large on screen, similar to Giants, so that is a plus for many. Activision has done it again!

So far, he has advanced to level 4, and has trapped 9 villains to use on the side of good. Obviously, the game is only as good as the characters you get, and eventually have to buy – especially if you want to complete all the missions. Although this can get costly, the figures themselves are works of art, and their abilities onscreen are great once again.

ALL previous skylander figures – Series 1-4 – will work on the new traptanium portal. But similar to Giants and Swap Force, special skylanders are needed to “trap” the villains and get into special areas.

For the money you spend on this game and accessories , it will provide hours, weeks, months of enjoyment so the cost is not so bad when you think about how much use it will get. This really is a game for everyone to play – children and adults together which adds another dimension to how great the skylanders have become.

Here’s to all the “families” that will embark on another journey….BOOM!

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June 22, 2016 at 6:02 am
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
A quick review and the total cost to complete this game, March 7, 2015
JTHall (co usa) –

This review is from: Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack – PlayStation 3 (Video Game)
A review of the game plus the price.

This is the last Skylander’s game I will ever buy due to it’s overwhelming cost. I have owned all Skylander games including this one, but the cost to beat the game with all stars is incredibly ridiculous. In order to access all parts of the game, you will need many items. One of each Elemental Trap to play as the villains and “redeem” yourself (special challenges in each level is for each specific villain). That’s $7.00 per elemental trap X 10. If willing, you may even want to buy the “Kaos trap” (another $7.00). You also need a Trap Master of each element (approximately $15.00 each X 10) to open elemental gates. A Giant figure is also recommended in order to open Giant treasure chests and a mini character for other bonuses . If you want to play the expansion levels, there are 4 total: Mirror of Mystery, Sunscraper Spire, Midnight Museum, and Nightmare Express. (The expansions vary in price as you could either buy the whole expansion pack or each figure separately)

{note: many who have owned previous Skylander’s games may not know that this one has added two new elements. That’s two more trap masters to obtain and two more traps. Instead of 8 elements, it is now 10. This leads me to believe that future Skylander’s games will use these new elements along with the older ones in the upcoming games = more characters to buy = more money out of pocket}

Gameplay: The game is fun and enjoyable. The story is unique and it’s fun to play with new characters. Having more than 1 main villain (who was always Kaos before) makes the story go farther and adds a fun approach to defeating all the unique villains. The graphics are “cute” and are very similar to Swap Force. The villains are also quite enjoyable to play, especially once they’ve been upgraded via “redemption”. (One of my personal favorites is “Shrednaught”.)

Overall this game is well made, but the cost to complete it is completely ridiculous.

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