Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

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Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

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Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY SUSPENSE MAGAZINE • Includes Dean Koontz’s short story “You Are Destined to Be Together Forever”—its first time in print!

From “one of the master storytellers of this or any age” (The Tampa Tribune) comes the stunning final adventure of “one of the most remarkable and appealing characters in current fiction”(The Virginian-Pilot)—as Dean Koontz brings the unforgettable odyssey of Odd Thomas to its

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Miss Patty

May 4, 2016 at 12:11 pm
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5.0 out of 5 stars
Great way to end the series! Awesome book, but not a stand-alone story, January 13, 2015
Miss Patty (Massachusetts) –

I received a copy of this book early for another website I belong to, so I have had the chance to read this during the past few weeks, so hopefully this review will help you make a decision on if you want to purchase this book or not.

The best way I can think of writing this review is to compose it with two thoughtful sections. One is my overall enjoyment and thoughts about the book, with the second being more specifics about the book itself without giving away any critical information or giving spoilers. Hopefully this will be helpful.

So to start, I will go over the book itself.

Please note there are a tremendous amount of references to the books that have come earlier in this series. I would find this to be a very hard book to read as a stand-alone and I recommend reading the earlier books in the series first.

This book is the last of the Odd Thomas series. In this installment, we find a familiar undertone; good vs evil. The story starts with us finding ourselves in Pico Mundo, which has become a haven for evil that is seeking to bring the downfall of humanity. These evil doers will begin this task with violence geared towards the town’s population. The first place we are taken is back to the carnival in Pico Mundo, where we revisit gypsy mommy for another card.

Upon receiving the card, we are pulled in deeper with an unexpected message. From here, our journey takes us through revisiting more than just gypsy mommy. We begin to find ourselves back with all kinds of previous characters. I will not spoil the surprises.
The situations and path that follows is all but predictable. We encounter all kinds of “odd” situations. The kind of situations that have Thomas reminding us that he is “just a fry cook”, and us reminding him, that he is anything but “just” anything, since he has all kinds of supernatural powers, including seeing the spirits of the recently deceased.

Overall, this is a fitting end to a series and will leave you both satisfied, and a bit upset that the series has come to a conclusion.
Now for my impressions on the book, and overall feedback.

This book is like a great meal. It needs to be savored and enjoyed. Not just taken down quickly. It may honestly be the greatest in the series, and potentially one of the highlights from the portfolio of work from Koontz.

Also, get ready to stretch your use of the English language. Koontz puts his skills as a former English teacher to good use here. I would guess about one in every 5-10 pages I am struck with a word I have to find the definition for (and I like to think I have a good vocabulary). However, through the expansion of the words used in this book, we also find ourselves having a deeper level of detail. More information is transferred in a shorter amount of space, which is a rarer treat.

Overall, I honestly loved this book. I am a bit disappointed I finished it so quickly, and truly wish I was able to go back in time and read it again much slower for the first time. Any fan of the series will certainly find this both a satisfying conclusion to the series, as well as a masterful work on its own.

I certainly hope this review was helpful to anyone taking the time to read it. For any further in depth questions, please feel free to contact me or post a comment, as I will check them periodically until the beginning of February.

Thank you for reading my review and enjoy the book!

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Helen S. Ethridge

May 4, 2016 at 1:04 pm
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3.0 out of 5 stars
Spoilers,about some final characters, January 18, 2015

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
According to the star rating, 3 stars means it was okay. I HATE having to just give Odd’s final journey an “Okay”. Mr. Koontz is my favorite author and I have reread all of his books many, MANY times. The descriptive narrative is there, the flow of words, as only Dean Koontz can make them flow onto paper, is there, the essential “oddness” of Odd is there, the characters are there in all their glory and the plot is clear…it’s just lacking that certain something that the author always makes me feel when I read his works…that satisfied, all tied up feeling of a complete novel that takes me to that “Oh WOW what a great book” I almost always feel after reading one of his works. What/who is Annamaria again? I have no clue, She gave birth to a daughter who later gave birth to a little boy? Jesus? His grandmother? WHO (WHAT) IS SHE??? An avatar but not an avatar because she is “only human” a “universal”mother to the unloved by their mothers on Earth? All that build up and that’s it? What was all the “Will you die for me?” the perpetual pregnancy, the only 18 years old embodiment? For me she dropped from an important, plot driven character in the last few books to nobody all that great. I don’t know, just everything I had been looking forward to “knowing” about that would give me that satisfaction of having followed Odd’s journey to the completion was missing. I still don’t know any more about Edie Fisher and her organization, Annamaria and her vagueness, Bodachs (they didn’t even make an appearance and don’t give me that limp explanation for their absence in the book, there should have been thousands of them over that Carnival grounds slow death or no) and he and Stormy will fight hedeous terrifying creatures that are wickedly cunning…umm okay. Just disappointed.

Of all the Odd Thomas books, the best for me, after the first one, was Odd Interlude…that is what Odd Thomas is about.

ANOTHER THING: I have been waiting forever for the final Chris Snow book, but after this, I am okay with none…I’d hate for my LONG LONG LONG anticipation of his final book to leave me feeling this incomplete 🙁

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TM massage

May 4, 2016 at 1:39 pm
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5.0 out of 5 stars
A worthy final…deliciously written, easy to consume too quickly, January 13, 2015
TM massage

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
I thought the first and the last (this one) books were the best out of this series. And while the Mojave night may be as mild as baby-bottle milk, this story is not. This one starts with an exciting chase scene, and doesn’t let up on the suspense and excitement and real emotion throughout. I had to stay up last night and read this completely through. Luckily, using the Kindle, when I fall asleep I don’t lose my page! 🙂

My favorite aspect of Dean Koontz’ writing is that he really connects you to the characters in a meaningful way – he makes you think. They aren’t just people executing stories, they are people, real people, and you can probably relate, whether personally or just through what is happening in the world even. And that is really a rare gift for a writer. There are many examples in the book. One passage I read, re-read several times, and took a few minutes to get past, was this one: “In a sense, it was nothing” Ozzie said, tears still standing in his eyes. Everything barbarians do is nothing, no matter how loudly they insist it is something.”

This is an epic tale of good and evil, and throughout the book brings us back to places and people familiar to us. You can theoretically read this one and enjoy it without reading the others first – since we spend a lot of time on what Oddie is thinking, it helps along the way. I don’t recommend it, but if someone gave you the book, go ahead, although then you’ll be hooked, read the others, and then will undoubtedly read this one again. So do yourself a favor and start with the first – here is a link to the Odd Thomas series on Amazon.

Hint: Dean Koontz doesn’t dumb down his stories, and my son has to occasionally ask about words, or look them up. It is handy to read on the Kindle, and be able to look them up in context without grabbing something extra.

If you liked this…and you get to the end and are wondering “what do I read next?”, you might try Jim Butcher’s Dresden series, which has some similar elements, although it brings in more of the Faerie/Vampire/Wizard side of things.

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