NBA ’07 – Playstation 3

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NBA ’07 – Playstation 3

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NBA ’07 – Playstation 3

NBA '07 - Playstation 3

  • Experience a new era of NBA action in 1080p, and a blistering 60 frames per second
  • Take advantage of jukes, crossovers and spin moves as well as low-post moves using the PS3 motion sensor controller
  • Reenact all of the past year’s great performances by current NBA All-Stars – Score 81 points as Kobe Bryant, nab 21 rebounds with Ben Wallace or dish out 22 assists as Steve Nash
  • Download 5 scenarios each week involving recent NBA games that are current and relevant in the NBA and try to relive those moments
  • Crash the boards on a missed shot — the new Power Boarding System lets players see the best position to grab the rebound

NBA 07 hits the hardwood loaded with incredibly detailed and lifelike graphics supported in High Definition at 1080p. Immerse yourself in the most engaging NBA experience as NBA 07 places you in the arena and on the floor like never before. Feel the passion from the hometown crowd as you nail a game-winning jumper. Play your heart out and leave everything on the court in NBA 07. See how defensive pressure impacts the ability to make a shot, with the Open Shot Indicator – It dynamically provide

List Price: $ 2.45

Price: $ 2.45

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Amazon Customer

June 10, 2016 at 10:02 am
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars
Buy NBA07 if you want high-scoring fun, 2K7 if you want depth and realism, March 12, 2007

This review is from: NBA ’07 – Playstation 3 (Video Game)
Having bought both NBA 07 and 2K7, I preferred the former. In many ways 2K7 may be the better basketball game, but I just didn’t find it to be as much fun (which is why I sold it).


– If you are looking for a faster action, offense oriented game….this is the one to buy.

– The graphics look very good; i’m not sure where the negative reviews are coming from on this one. Granted, I’ve not played the game on HDTV…but it looks great even in standard def. Both 2K7 and NBA07 were good here, but I think NBA07 wins out here.

– The gameplay is solid when you get used to it, and personally I actually like the bar that comes up for shooting.

– The mini-games are fun, especially shooting around for the most points with a group of friends.

– The online options and downloads are good, though admittedly I use them alot less than just playing the season mode.

– I really hated the gimmicky way that 2K7 used the motion sensor to shoot free throws. The motion sensor might be a really great technology for some games (it works very well in Flow, for instance), but was tacked on in 2K7 and didn’t work for me.


– Isn’t as deep as 2K7. There is a season mode, but no franchise/dynasty mode. This isn’t a big deal for me, as 82 games in a season is a ton to get through anyway.

– You can only have one season saved at once, so far as I can tell.

– The defensive AI is *much* weaker than 2K7. Really, it is a joke at times. Unless you want to play center and hope to snag rebounds, playing a person at anywhere other than near the basket is a sure way to give up easy points. For me this isn’t a big deal because I like an offensive oriented game, but if you want a more realistic game, get 2K7.

– It takes a little adjusting to the game, especially on defense.

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P. Jao

June 10, 2016 at 11:01 am
4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars
Pure Eye Candy, January 26, 2007
P. Jao (Forest Hills, NY United States) –

This review is from: NBA ’07 – Playstation 3 (Video Game)
I’m not gonna lie, This game looks amazing. It truly shows how nice the PS3 can make the games look. Although a few people say the characters look like plastic. It still shows off the great resolution.

The Bad and the reason why the 2 stars.

The game play is horrendous. The game focused so much on “fancy” dunks that there is no defense playable whatsoever. The instant you go for a dunk, YOU CANNOT STOP IT. I’ve made dunks over 4 people all jumping. The game looks amazing but if you want to have an all around basketball game. This is not it.

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John M Spangler

June 10, 2016 at 11:59 am
5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
Good second option next to NBA 2k7., December 31, 2006
John M Spangler (Bryan, OH United States) –

This review is from: NBA ’07 – Playstation 3 (Video Game)
The Playstation 3 needs some good sports titles. There isn’t much right now, pretty much Madden, NBA 2k7 and of course NBA o7. NBA 07 was developed in-house by Sony. The series has been relesed on both the PS2 and PSP with only average reviews. Thankfully, this version does not suffer the same fate, it’s a good game of hoops even though you have a much better choice with NBA 2k7. But if you like basketball like I do, you might want to consider this one too, just because it’s a different experience.

What stands out is the graphics. The graphics are top notch, and I feel in most ways, it’s a better looking game than 2k7 due to the incredible player models and stadium details. In true 1080 HD, the game is really sweet too look at. It really struts some of the power of the PS3 has to offer. Smooth crisp animations, nice player models, terrific reflections on the court, realistic stadiums and excellent use of vibrant colors and dripping sweat to boot! The player models are not perfect. The players look to sweat a little profusely and when this happens, they look a bit “manequinish”, is that a word? I guess you can say they resemble a zombie in a round about sort of way. But you’ll only notice on replays, timeouts and closeups, so it’s only a minor gripe. But the players faces look very much like their real counterparts and they even got the hair down to a tee.

Gameplay wise, I would describe it as a 70% sim and 30% arcade feel. The gamep plays at an amazing fast pace and there is lot of scoring. The defense A.I. still needs some work, I noticed too many easy holes to the basket as my computer controlled teammates do not seem to help out in the lane when they should. One thing also that really bothered me was that very annoying shot meter. It’s difficult to perfect it, as it seems to want just that, “perfection” to make a shot. Luckily, the shot meter thing can be disabled,so if you have problems like me making open jumpers, just turn it off. Other problems are with player fatigue issues. I noticed players being tired really doens’t seem to affect them when their still oncourt. I’ve had guys below 50% and they were still moving fast and making shots on the court like they were fully rested from the bench. This is certainly an issue if you want realism and if you play online as substitutions are basically not needed. They need to patch this up.

Ouch. You would think of the slick presentation with TNT by it’s side, you would think we would have a great tv style presentation. Well, good stat screens and cool TV replays are nice, but where the heck is my commentary? NBA 07 is lacking any commentary whatsoever. All you hear is the P.A. announcer. This is a major bummer and considering this is a next gen title, leaving out commentary is a big no-no.

Online play for the most part seems to be pretty smooth, I only notice a few laggy games, of course a lot depends on your connection. The modes are pretty bareboned, typical Season, Exhibition and a few mini-game which are actually very fun. The NBA Replay mode lets you replay games from the past week (in real life) and alter the ending. It’s a good experience and with so many scnerios each week from the NBA, this mode is fun and will keep you busy. There are no deep franchise modes or the “The life” mode offered in the PS3 version, which is a bit disappointing. You would think a full priced NBA game for the PS3 would be loaded, but it still seems to a bit lacking.

Overall, I really liked NBA 07. The on-court gameplay is very good and is a good change up from 2k7. It’s a game anyone can jump into and most will have fun with it. A few issues in the gameplay and lacking modes keeps it from being a must have. IF you only want to get one game, I would say NBA 2k7 is your best bet, it’s still the best basketball game on the market.

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