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Plans Duration Daily Odds Price(NGN) Price(USD$) Click to buy now
Basic Weekly 7 days 2-4 odds 1000.00 10 Buy Now
Basic Monthly 30 days 2-4 odds 2000.00 20 Buy Now
Premium Weekly 7 days 5-9 odds 2500.00 25 Buy Now
Premium Monthly 30 days 5-9 odds 5000.00 25 Buy Now
VIP A Weekly 7 days 10-15 odds 10000.00  100 Buy Now
VIP A Monthly 30 days 10-15 odds 20000.00 200 Buy Now
VIP B Weekly 7 days 16-20 odds 15000.00  150 Buy Now
VIP B Monthly 30 days 16-20 odds 30000.00 300  Buy Now
Weekend odds Friday – Saturday and Sunday 20 odds 15000.00 150 Buy Now
Weekend odds Friday – Saturday and Sunday 30 odds 20000.00 200 Buy Now
Weekend odds Friday – Saturday and Sunday 100 odds 40000.00 300 Buy Now
Sure Plan 7 days 1.5-2 odds 15000.00.00 150 Buy Now
Sure Plan 30 days 1.5-2 odds 30000.00.00 300 Buy Now
Pro plan 30 days Access to our sport bet strategy and 1.5-2 odds 50000.00 500 Buy Now

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Please be informed that there will be no refunds and credits are not exchangeable for cash. By opting to gain access to our sport tips and predictions and also receive sport predictions and tips on our website and on whatsapp, you accept that all SureStakes’ predictions and tips are for informational purposes only and that SureStakes will take no responsibility for any losses incurred by you, the subscriber, as a direct result of acting upon received SureStakes information. We do not encourage gambling in any sort of form. Users under 18 years old must seek parental consent.

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sport bet prediction tips picks