How I saved my marriage!

Confessions of a housewife!

My husband is responsible but he does not last for more than a minute!


how i saved my marriage

It was a Monday morning and my eyes were wet with tears. I could not even get myself to do my household chores. My husband just left the house without as much as a “goodbye” or “I love you, honey”. I had to hold myself while preparing the kids for school so as not to break down in front of them so they do not see that mummy is sad. Again. And I guess it was all my fault.

After all, I was the one who started the fight on Sunday after church. But then again, how do you expect me to be happy when after working from Monday till Friday, my husband is unable to satisfy me sexually. All it takes is two or three thrusts and he spills his milk. Not even up to one minute!

It didn’t use to always be like this. I remember when we were dating and even after we got newly married we used to have good sex. And I mean good sex. My husband used to last for at least 30 minutes and we used to go at least two or three rounds before giving up. But then the first kid came in, a bouncy baby boy. We were so happy. He was such a blessing to our family and we thanked God as he blessed us with two more beautiful children. Twin girls.

My husband also got promoted at his work place. Being a hardworking and smart man, the CEO of the company didn’t hesitate to recommend him for promotions. As God blessed us, we continued to grow financially and in love as a family.

Until recently. Whenever my husband comes back late from work he is too tired to do anything. I understand this. But what about weekends? When we can even manage to cuddle and make love, he doesn’t last for up to one minute. He is in and he is out.

After thinking about this, I came to the conclusion that I cannot cheat on my husband. I love him too much to do that and I also have to think about our kids. And of course, God does not support adultery.

Then I remembered Aisha my friend. She used to always complain that whenever she and her husband went to the other room he didn’t last long either. I remember advising her to stay faithful and loyal and do research on finding a solution to this problem. If I had known, I would have helped her with her research but at the time I was not having such issues.

*Phone ringing*

Aisha: Hello
Me: Hi babe
Aisha: I am fine thank you. Long time o. How are you doing?
Me: My dear, I am not good at all
Aisha: What is the problem?
Me: Babe, these days my husband hardly lasts long. He will just climb on top of me and he will not even last up to one minute. I do not know who to talk to so I decided to call you.
Aisha: Hahahahaha
Me: Why are you laughing?
Aisha: I am laughing because I remember when I had the same problem in my home but glory be to God, I found a solution!
Me: My friend, please tell me about it, I beg you.
Aisha: You do not need to beg me dear. We have been friends for a long time. Are you at home?
Me: Yes I am
Aisha: Okay. I am on my way now

That was three months ago. After using the solution that Aisha recommended to be, my husband has been performing miracles in bed and I now feel, once again, like a woman.

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