Digimon World Championship – Nintendo DS

Digimon World Championship – Nintendo DS

Digimon World Championship - Nintendo DS

  • HUNT WILD DIGIMON – Experience the thrill of the hunt and pursue wild Digimon in the vast Digital World. Capture the wild Digimon with weapons, ingenious traps, and more
  • REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING – The way a Tamer trains and treats a Digimon will change the way the Digimon fights and acts.
  • OVER 200 DIGIMON – Digimon World Championship features over 200 Digimon, including returning favorites like Agumon and Gaomon, as well as some new Digimon
  • A MASSIVE DIGITAL WORLD – Some wild Digimon can be found only in certain environments. Snowy mountains, sandy deserts, and lush jungles abound.
  • TAKE ON RIVAL TAMERS – Challenge friends to battle over DS Wireless Communication or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

THE CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE BEGINS! A legendary Digimon tournament has just been announced! As a new Digimon Tamer, explore the Digital World to hunt down and capture the strongest Digimon in the wild! Raise Digimon in a variety of ways, training them in different skills, Digivolve them, and prepare them for over 50 competitions. Assemble the ultimate Digimon squad for team battles or go one-on-one in your journey to win the Digimon World Championship! A new kind of Digimon Game, Digimon World Cha

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